Inspirational Living Room Design Ideas

Your living room is an important part of your home. You and your family will spend a lot of time there, watching shows, reading, and just spending some time with one another. With all the time that is spent in the living room, it is a good idea to find the right type of design to help make it feel just like home.

There are many different design options that you can go with. From modern to colorful or something that is simply functional for your whole family, there are a lot of answers for everyone to enjoy.

When you are ready to make some changes to your living room and to enjoy all of the hard work you are about to do, check out some of these inspirational living room design ideas below.

1. Decorate with Some Layers

The first idea on our list to help you get the inspirational living room that you need is to decorate it with some layers. Take a look around the room and then mentally divide the space into high, mid, and low areas. Then you can position elements throughout the room to encourage the eye to travel up, down, and all around.

There are different ways that you can do it. For example, you could take a faux animal skin and have it cover up a woven area rug. This is going to provide some allure under the feet while a pretty tray that is on top of a trunk and some nice pillows will add something to the middle of the room.

To get the high points in the room next, add in some striking shades for the sconces, vivid canvases, and even a few unique lamps to help keep the interest going no matter where the visitor looks in the room.

2. A Touch of the Safari

Even if you have never been on your safari, it is possible to add some colors and animal prints into the room to really liven it up. You do not need to add all that much, a few blankets or a few pillows will make all of the difference.

For example, just a little bit of the animal print can go a long way to add something to a vintage-inspired living room. Even something as simple as a fun zebra-pattern pillow can look nice and change it up. The other accessories and furniture should be neutral throughout the room so the pattern has room to shine.

3. Adding in the Décor

If you would like to add in a little bit of décor to the room, then the right type will make a big difference in the home. Neutral tones are going to be a hit here when you want a stylish living room. You can make a monochromatic space with the help of velvet upholstered furnishings or lighter linen-covered pieces.

You may find that during this styling, you can go with white as some of your support throughout the room. But use the décor as something brighter and bolder to make the room pop as much as possible.

4. Making it Fun

Making Living Room Fun
Making Living Room Fun

It is a good idea to make your living room a lot of fun. You will spend a lot of time in this room, spending it with your family and making memories, so why not make it a lot of fun, something that everyone will enjoy?

When you are going to have fun in the living room, you may have to give up on some of the formal looks that other living rooms may have. This can be the perfect option as well. This makes it the perfect option if you are a family that is always on the run.

Consider getting some comfortable furniture and coffee tables that are easy to clean and can become workstations when you need them. You can limit the color palette to just white, one neutral shade, and one bright color to help keep it simple and to make it easier to keep up with all the artwork that will end up on the wall too.

5. Make It Modern

Part of the reason why the modern look is becoming so popular is because it requires minimal stuff throughout the room, saving you time and money in the process. And to make a modern living room, things do not need to be complicated.

Try to start by moving in a streamlined sectional sofa that is covered in a too-cool neutral along with a pile of pillows in the colors that you like. You can go with some accent tables that have iron frameworks and some finished wood or glass tops as well.

To make sure that the modern space does not get cold, you can add in some wicker furnishings and some geometric pattern area rugs to help. You keep with the design that you would like.

6. Add an Electric Fireplace

One really neat thing that you can add to your living room to make it feel more like home is a modern electric fireplace. These give you all the warmth and comfort of a traditional fireplace, without all the mess and without having to do all the construction work to put in a regular fireplace.

There are many options when it comes to choosing an electric fireplace so you are certain to find the one that fits into the space available in your home. Look for a few different sizes, styles, and colors to make sure that it fits with what you need.

Updating Your Living Room

Updating Your Living Room
Updating Your Living Room

There are so many options that you can use when it is time to update your living room. The exact option that you will go with will depend on what types of styles you like, the space you have in your living room, and more. Consider some of the options that we discuss above to get the inspiration you need for your next living room.  

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