Instagram For Businesses: How To Sell There?

Instagram is about capturing visuals, but it doesn’t mean you should be a model with Kardashian Shape the body to become a good influencer Marketer or your technological startup can’t be promoted on Instagram. Growing your following and driving an engagement will work for you if you keep on following some guides and waiting for Instagram updates.

Who can sell on Instagram?

Let’s not forget that Instagram is the second biggest platform after Facebook, thus having a huge community. It gives an opportunity to find your client no matter what your business and product are. If you still have doubts about the successful cooperation of your brand and Instagram, let’s have a look at a non-fashion business that is successful on Instagram.

 As you know cryptocurrency and BAAS are becoming more and more popular day by day offering a non-traditional business model. And if not in the far past the only well-known currency was Bitcoin, now the market is far wider. One of the well-known services is Litecoin, which develops its awareness worldwide building a trustworthy service and a community over the digital world. Now it is one of the top fifteen cryptocurrencies in the world. But how is it building brand awareness and engagement? No need to be a senior marketer to understand that the business now relies on digital marketing, especially social media, not excluding Instagram where it has almost 100K followers. Litecoin Instagram is a typical example of a good profile, where the visuals and content are not derived from the brand concepts, style, and KPIs. 

Creating visuals and following Instagram trends

Instagram has a good privilege over other social media platforms – it is based on visualization, so it is the best platform to showcase your product. Video, images, and illustrations are the most important components of Instagram marketing. They can be used in different ways,  you can use them for Instagram story ideas, feed posts, reels, IGTV, and for other variety features Instagram gives you, of course, taking into account your business type and goals. 

If you have no budget for a designer, it still doesn’t mean you can’t have competitive visuals. Now there are a bunch of services and tools that can help you create fine-looking visuals with modern design and effects. Even if you aren’t an expert, a simple random shape generator can help you create social media banners creating the shape you want with the color you need. Other tools can help you customize your ready-on photos, ad texts, and captions, combine and create effects for your visuals.

Even if you don’t trust your imagination, you can use Pinterest to find inspiration and ideas for your Instagram. Just type “Instagram feed design trends 20**” and find the best math for your business. Or find out what your competitors do, especially those who long exist in the market.  Do whatever, but don’t use stock photos or try to edit them at least, add some creativity and try to make them business-related. 

Before you start posting…

Even if you have a good content plan and awesome visuals, you still lack some steps to start posting on Instagram. The most important thing is maybe determining the target audience. If you have already done it for your marketing strategy, you’ll still need a double-check for Instagram. If you don’t know how just start from your competitor’s follower analysis and follow popular hashtags related to your business. 

Start your Instagram journey now!

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