Instagram Hashtags Strategies to Grow Your Followers

Hashtags, if utilized well, can make a significant impact on your Instagram marketing strategy. These tags help you categorize your content and allow your prospects to discover it. Furthermore, it helps your business reach more followers, improve engagement, and generate sales.

The main secret of the effective use of hashtags is to analyze the interests and activity of your current and potential audience. If you want to increase the reach and engagement of your publications, you need to select hashtags based on the activity of followers. To do this, use the online activity trackerĀ Snoopreport.

With it, you can add any users with a public IG profile to the tracking and receive weekly reports not only about their hashtags but also about likes, follows, and interests. These are extremely valuable insights that will help both in the development of a personal blog and business.

However, the question now is how do you use hashtags for likes appropriately or how to deploy them for maximum effectiveness? Be sure to check out these core hashtags strategies before you make your next post on Instagram.

Instagram Hashtags Strategies To Grow Your Followers

Research Your Hashtags

So you want an effective hashtag strategy, the first thing you need to do is to research. You should find out the trends, popular hashtags, and keywords being used in your niche. Study your competitors.

Instagram has a handy feature that allows you to search for related hashtags to a given keyword. Tap on the search icon and select tags, and input the hashtag or keyword you have. Instagram returns a list of similar hashtags to the one you searched.

How Many Hashtags Should You Use?

Use the right number of  Instagram hashtags in your posts. Instagram allows for the use of up to 30 hashtags per post. However, it is not needed that you use it that much. 15 to 20 hashtags per post is enough, but if you feel you need to use all 30, then go for it.

The formula for using hashtags is 3-5 popular hashtags, the same amount for moderately popular hashtags. After getting your popular hashtags, the next step is to search for niche hashtags, then pick the best three to five and include them. If you have a branded hashtag, you should add it too.

Topic Channel Hashtags

Instagram allows you to explore various types of content being posted on the platform. An innovative strategy to deploy is to use topic channel hashtags. They are hashtags that are related to channels being viewed. You can take note of the hashtags being used by people who follow channels in your niche.

Hashtag Placement

After you have the good hashtags compiled, the next step is to include them in your posts. Posting with a long list of hashtags may come off as spam to you, but Instagram now truncates the captions once it’s longer than two lines so that people wouldn’t see them.

You can still place the hashtags in the comment if you choose, as it is a matter of preference. However, if you have popular hashtags, you should put those in the caption before placing the other hashtags in the comment.

Must Know About Hashtags

You need to understand some things about hashtags to use popular hashtags effectively and deploy an effective strategy. Before you come up with or use a strategy, you need to look out for things. Here’s a list. We have listed and explained them below.

  1. Hashtags should be short and concise. A great hashtag is short and easy to remember; the hashtags convey a specific thought or idea and are easily recognizable. A good hashtag is one with which you can easily associate a particular topic.
  2. Relevancy is another important aspect of a hashtag strategy. A successful Instagram profile is one that uses relevant hashtags. One of the major uses of hashtags is to sort posts. Your strategy’s success depends on your hashtags; if your hashtags are not related to the posts, people will not follow you.
  3. Track and monitor the performance of your hashtags. For all the hashtags you have to gather, measure how well they performed.

Other Strategies to Grow Your Followers

Instagram has evolved beyond just social media to share pictures. Now it’s a powerful tool used by businesses and brands. According to research, about 80% of Instagram users have purchased a business they met on the social media platform.

Put out great content. It doesn’t matter how presentable your strategy is; if you don’t have good content to match, you won’t gain more followers. So work on your content.

Have a brand identity. You must not jump every day from one topic to another and from one trend to the other. You must stick to one thing: your brand must be easily recognizable and distinct.

Study your target audience, and their demography to find out what they often use during discussions online. Asides from your audience, you will want to research the key players and your niche so that you will have an idea as to what hashtags they use.

You can always run ads if all else isn’t working. You can pay influencers to help shout out your presence online or buy some active followers for your account to kickstart your Instagram growing and shining journey…


Good Instagram hashtagging can make all the difference between a successful account and a failed or regular one. It is best to read this post carefully and employ the strategies discussed here to help you grow your followers.


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