Instagram Stories Order: Ways to Improve Your Position

How does Instagram choose the order of Instagram Stories on the feed of your application? Many users wonder why, among all the accounts they follow, it’s only a handful of a few profiles that come back regularly, and suddenly, how to make sure to appear in this tight list to increase the coverage of their Stories.

By writing this article, we will explain to you what it is important to know about the functioning of the Stories sorting algorithm. Also, you will learn the methods at your disposal to promote a better positioning of your counts in the order of Instagram Stories.

1) Understand How The Instagram Stories Algorithm Works

It has been several years since Instagram moved from a chronological thread to a flow based on the work of an algorithm, helping the social network determine which accounts you like the most compared to the others.

A similar method applies to Stories, the people & brands with which you interact the most are more likely to appear first on your welcome feed. However, major differences exist between the two-communication media in the functioning of the algorithm. Within the framework of Stories, Instagram analyzes the behavior of the user and adapts it to the way he uses the application.

The behavior signals are as follows:

  • Interests: what research have you done in the past?
  • Interactions: with which posts have you interacted in the past? If you like, comment on or save posts mainly coming from the same people/brands, their Stories will be advantaged when it comes to defining the order of these on the home page of the application. A concrete way to get an idea of ​​the content on which we interact the most is to observe our Explore section.
  • Your past experience: you may click on the same Stories as you use the application. As a result, Instagram considers it, and when there is a choice between multiple Stories, your past experience tells the social network what to show you first.

2) Foster interactions on your Instagram Stories

Taking into account the functioning of the Instagram Stories algorithm, it is necessary to think about how you will be able to capture the attention of your Instagram followers more during their Stories journey.

Here are some methods you could apply right now:

  • use interaction stickers more often such as surveys, quizzes, private discussions, emojis sliders, countdowns, or questions
  • Use live broadcast video to generate notifications to your followers. It can, for example, be a retransmission of an event, a question/answer session with the founder of the company, sharing behind the scenes of the company, and many other important moments to share live.

3) Interact with the posts of your followers

When you create an Instagram account, it is absolutely necessary, especially when you start to “get out of the woods,” that is to say, interact on posts of other accounts of people or brands.

Setting up a regular routine of likes and comments for other users’ content is an additional lever that is often underestimated but particularly powerful if done intelligently.

Instagram is one of the only social networks to allow brands to interact with the content of other accounts, especially since Facebook has removed the “Comment as page” feature.

Being genuinely interested in others is positive because it will allow you to:

  • to be seen as a more social brand/person
  • to gain new followers
  • to arouse the curiosity of users and thus increase the number of visits to your profile

 A powerful technique is to interact with the posts of your followers to go up to take our stories to a higher position.


  1. I think there’s a lot I need to know about Insights, I can declare myself a novice in this business, I want to learn in time.

  2. Insights can be used to optimize and adjust activities related to content, marketing, and business. Instagram Analytics not only helps you know which photos, videos or stories are the most popular, but also controls the quality of your content over time as well as assess the effectiveness of the content strategy.

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