Interesting Instagram Optimization Secrets for the Businesses

Instagram is one of those social network platforms, which has gained a lot of popularity and it is continuing to grow through the years. This is why the companies that do not have flashy products or photo-driven initiatives are also creating accounts on Instagram. This means that the creativity of the businesses should be extremely high but side by side the companies need to develop certain strategies, which will allow them to reach the goals that they have, faster than expected. You should have sound knowledge about creating a business presence on Instagram before you are looking for the SEO aspects.

Given below are a few Instagram SEO secrets that you need to keep in mind if you are interested in making your business successful and popular.

Doing research on hashtags

It is true that Instagram does not look like the typical search engine but it definitely has the search function, which the Instagrammers use for looking for a particular product or searching for a profile. The popular searches are hashtags or the popular keywords that you can probably think of. You need to utilize all those hashtags that are receiving the highest search volume.

You have to ensure that these hashtags are relevant to the posts that you are making, in order to get the maximum exposure. The best thing about hashtags is that you have the freedom of adding a number of hashtags within the caption of your post, which is not possible in the case of the keywords. You do not have to squeeze them naturally or worry about stuffing them.

Secrets for the Businesses

Holding contests

This is one of the most common tactics of social media, which most businesses are trying. It is true that many businesses do host contests but they forget to give prizes. You need to understand that prizes can go the longest way toward impressing and gaining more followers on your Instagram account.

This is why you have to spend a little money to get prizes so that you can give them away to the winner of the contest. You can also host giveaways as a single giveaway is capable of attracting almost thousands of new followers. You can also get real followers for Instagram from reputed websites, which will help in increasing the credibility of your Instagram account.

Partnering with a charity or a non-profit organization

It has been observed that people are interested in supporting companies, which are driven toward supporting the community. This does not mean that your business has to help directly, but you can help them indirectly by giving a section of your profit to a non-profit or a charity organization, which is related to the industry you are operating in.

You can fundraise for a particular event, send your employees on service trips, and do a lot more. This is going to be not only great for your website and your business as a whole, but it will also be helpful to boost your Instagram account as images are considered to be extremely powerful.


The relationship that exists between SEO and Instagram is complicated but you have to understand it completely in order to get more followers, who are eventually going to turn into buyers, thereby making your business achieve new heights.

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