Interesting Places To Visit When Staying At 5 Star Hotels in Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia also happens to be the republic’s largest city and the most populous one in all South Asia. The residents of Jakarta pride themselves on being among the world’s friendliest people as they are very helpful and accommodating especially when it comes to showing visitors a good time while visiting Indonesia.

Jakarta is also a melting pot for a wide array of religions and cultures thus making it a fun and unique city to go on vacation or spend your holiday at. Being the hyper-center of Indonesia, Jakarta is a sprawling exciting city that is worth exploring.

Where to stay

While you will never fall short of 5 star hotels in Jakarta to stay at during your vacation, the AYANA Midplaza Jakarta is among the “crème del a crème”. This urban sanctuary seamlessly combines authentic Indonesian hospitality with 21st century amenities. Additionally, this 5-star hotel is located in the heart of the capital city, a 45-minute drive to and from the primary airport, and a 2-minute walk from Setiabudi Astra MRT station.

Ranging from lazy mornings to majestic city views and lively sunsets, getting bored while visiting Jakarta is a personal choice.  So, if you are planning to travel to the Indonesian archipelago, make sure you don’t miss out on the following interesting places to visit in Jakarta.

The National Monument

Paying homage to Indonesia’s struggle for independence, the National Monument is an immense structure located in the stunning Merdeka Square. Considered as an icon of Jakarta city, this structure stands at 132 meters high. Not only does it feature majestic architecture but it also offers an observation deck where people can climb to witness the picturesque views of this massive city. A gold-covered flame nestles atop the National Monument.

Visit Kota

Also known as Old Batavia, Kota is Jakarta’s old town, a marvel, especially for history enthusiasts. Here, you will experience the beauty and rich past of the city. The Dutch and British fought for control of Jakarta in the 1600s. The Dutch who emerged victorious made it their capital in the East Indies. At present, their colonial vibes can still be seen in the form of several traditional Dutch houses as well as a canal system.

Fatahillah Square is the highlight of this incredible place featuring a huge pedestrianized square adorned with street food carts, performers, and cafes. However, the most popular of features are the bicycle lanes filled with colorful bikes with riders wearing matching hats. Make sure you head there to cycle around Fatillah and enjoy the novelty.

If you are interested in learning all about Kota, as well as understanding its significance to Jakarta, you may want to book a guided tour.

Istiqlal Mosque

Located in the heart of Jakarta, Istiqlal Mosque is not only a hugely significant building in the city but also Southeast Asia’s largest mosque thus making it worth seeing. Istiqlal Mosque was originally built in 1978. Featuring an alluring marble courtyard with various decorative minarets, the mosque houses a capacity of 200,000 people. The inside part is designed with extensive columns holding up the central dome while its walls are garnished with Islamic iconography and relics. This amazing structure is not only a sight for sore eyes but also offers a humbling experience.

Jakarta Cathedral

The Jakarta Cathedral which stands directly opposite the Istiqlal Mosque boldly speaks of religious diversity and tolerance in the city. This Roman Catholic Cathedral was constructed in 1901, it currently serves as the seat of Jakarta’s Archbishop. While Indonesia is predominately Muslim, it still features a Catholic Christian community which represents about 3% of Indonesia’s population.

Since the cathedral is literally a stone’s throw away from the mosque, you can make a stop at either after visiting the other. It is a lesson-worthy experience to see two significant structures representing two different religions situated in such close proximity.

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