Interior Design 101: For the Living Area of Your Home

All first-time homeowners look forward to the day they get to move into their new house. It’s like a rite of passage to visualize what their house will look like in their heads — from the details of their porch to the cabinets in their bedroom. The mere thought of putting everything in its place can be a source of excitement.

However, to get to that point where homeowners can enjoy their new house, they will first have to spend some time figuring out how to arrange everything. This can include the finishing of the walls, what furniture to buy, and other interior design elements.

Making all these decisions can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to begin because there are too many options. It’s understandable because venturing into homeownership is a big step. To get started, you can consider focusing on these three aspects of your new living room:


Out of all the aspects of your home, your walls have the most potential because they are a blank canvas. This means that you can do whatever you want without fear of receiving backlash for your choices because it’s your home. You can keep them clean and simple, or you can go crazy with the design.

For instance, you can choose to add shelving to an empty wall so that your book collection has a dedicated place inside your living room. You can also designate an accent wall, which is a wall panel painted or decorated differently from the others for a refreshing pop of color.

It might help decide on a particular interior design aesthetic for the entire house because it will allow you to achieve coherence. Although this is not required, it’s one way to keep you from overspending on customization and going overboard with your designs.


Another aspect of the living room that you can design is your windows. Having enough windows in your living room can be a great way to access natural lighting, which can help you save on electricity and heating while making space appear wider than it is.

A window area is also a perfect place for your hobbies because you can get nice lighting. You can have a reading or painting nook installed, where you can spend your quiet afternoons. It can even be a spot where you can have your morning coffee while looking out to the world beyond.

Besides the windows themselves, you can also research what protective measures you can have installed for your added safety. Structures like window bars are cost-effective measures that can help deter thieves from even thinking about breaking into your house through the windows.

For the main event involving these fragile components, you can look into companies such as Window Treats Inc. that offer customizable options for their patrons. With their help, you can easily decide what you want for your windows, such as shadings, shutters, panels, drapery, or motorization solutions, which is perfect if you want a smart home.


Of course, no living room is complete without homey furniture that can tempt anyone just to sit back and relax. Good furniture is key to making a living room livable, which is why this aspect should not be taken lightly.

Choosing what kind of furniture you want can be tricky because you’ll want something that can provide comfort at a reasonable price. This means that you need to spend ample time looking for the perfect couch, ottoman, coffee table, television nook, and other furniture you want to have in your living room.

However, beyond the comfort and the price tag, you will also have to see if all your furniture complements one another. It can be tempting to pick different designs for each one and pass them off as separate accent pieces, but you might regret your choices once you finally put them all together.

If you’re short on budget, then it might help to have a list of furniture that you absolutely cannot live without. Other decorative pieces can come after, especially because you still have to furnish your new house’s remaining rooms.

Interior designing is not for everyone because there are many decisions to be made. But to the right people, it can be a great way to showcase their taste and individuality while making sure that they are sticking to their budget. Don’t forget to have fun with it because the only person that your home should please is yourself.

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