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Thinking of Investing in an In-Car Entertainment System? Read This

We all love to listen to our favorite music while driving and if your sound system leaves a lot to be desired and you are looking to replace it, this article was written with you in mind.

Most people have little or no idea of the various components that make up a state-of-the-art car sound system and with that in mind, here is a brief description of the various components that make up a state-of-the-art in-car entertainment system.

  • Media Player – This is the core component that plays a wide range of media such as wireless Apple CarPlay that integrates with other Apple devices. The media player can play CDs, DVDs, and AM/FM radio, and with USB ports, the unit is compatible with most digital devices. Of course, touch-screen technology makes for safer driving and most player units have touch-screen features. There are numerous quality brands, which include Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, JL, and others and the online supplier offers the best deals. Some units have DVD features that allow you to connect to small digital screens that can be located in various locations within the vehicle. If you would like to view a range of the best auto media players, start with an online search to find one of Australia’s premium auto sound system suppliers and you can create a list that includes your chosen components. Secure online payment will see the goods packaged and despatched to your home address and you can either self-install or ask a local car stereo shop to carry out the installation.
  • Power Amp – While it is not essential to include a power amp (the media player has a built-in amplifier) if you want some serious bass without distortion, a power amp is really necessary. Power amps come in mono, 2, 4, and 5-channel versions, depending on your preference and how many channels you wish to have. There is no limit to how far you can go with in-car sound and with a 5-channel, surround sound system with 5 speakers and a subwoofer is about as good as it gets. Typically, the power amp is bolted under the front passenger seat, where it is out of sight, and yes, it does make a big difference to the sound quality. While on the topic of cars, here are a few interior cleaning tips that every vehicle owner should know.
  • Coaxial Speakers – Resist the temptation to go for a no-name brand with speakers, it simply isn’t worth it. You get what you pay for and brands like Pioneer, JVC, and Kenwood have a great selection to suit every budget, and the cheapest place to find top quality car speakers is on the Internet. Installing speakers can be daunting and if you’re not comfortable taking a cutter to your door upholstery, have the units installed by a professional. If you would like the advice of an unbiased expert, join an online forum for in-car sound system enthusiasts and ask them what they would suggest as a perfect setup for your budget. There’s not a lot of difference between the big brands and there’s nothing wrong with using a mixture of brands to make up the system’ a Kenwood player with a JVC power amp and Pioneer speakers is a good example of a brand mixing. Providing outputs is suitable, that’s all that matters.
  • Installation Kit – When you buy in-car entertainment components, make sure to include an installation pack, which contains the connectors, wiring, and fixing screws that you’ll need to carry out the installation. Do make sure that the installation kit is fully compatible with your chosen components and if you are unsure drop a message to the online supplier, just to be sure.

The Smart Approach

Once you set your budget, you want a bang for your buck and the online suppliers offer the best deals in town. If you are going to buy a media player, power amp coaxial speakers, and an installation kit, you would save around 20% of the recommended retail price.

Once you have received the consignment, approach an auto car stereo shop and ask them to quote for the installation; the business owner would much rather you buy the system from him.

The Benefits of Online Shopping

There are many benefits to shopping online;

  • Quick & Convenient
  • Free Delivery
  • Lowest Prices
  • Secure Online Payment

There is also consumer protection when shopping online, which means you have the same rights as if you bought the product in a retail store. If you would like to view the best brands of in-car entertainment components, search with Google to find a leading Australian auto sound system supplier and you can make a shortlist, don’t forget to include the installation kit, without which you cannot install the system.

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