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Is AI Replacing Human Intellect??

Is AI Really There Yet?

Hollywood Sci-Fi movies have been giving us a picture of the future of AI and robots. Smart intellect learns too fast and machines take over the world. Fascinated by the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence actually being under the command of humans, and performs in a specific manner, we are exploring this new field with both amaze and caution alike.


Intelligence that is “Programmed” to Learn–but Not on its Own:

Artificial intelligence that currently uses Big Data extensively, to understand the thousands of variations in which a human intellect functions. We are currently in Stage 1 AI, which means the machine has specific instructions fed in, and it performs the tasks, or in other words, it may learn new things, but processes the new experience, as per the instructions fed in. Autonomous driving has different levels of driving. Currently, certain manufacturers are developing and testing technology to launch stage 4 Autonomous driving, which is a complete AI-based transportation system without any human intervention. Programming outcomes is still a nascent stage of artificial intelligence, and frankly, it’s not AI at all.


Business and AI

In the current stage, we can see AI-based content delivering apps like Netflix, which predicts user viewership, and then suggests shows in order to keep the user busy watching content. AI-based online store apps collect data based on user responses and buying behavior and thus keep suggesting similar products.  Businesses have identified the importance of automating and predicting consumer behavior for improving baseline profitability and increase the user base. Companies extend their RnD to develop applications that assist users with buying and selling online.

Even small businesses, which tie-up with big retailers online, benefit from AI-based consumer behavior studies so that they can make changes in the buying process accordingly. Trading has traditionally been a human only space, with data processing dependency on technology.

But nowadays, modern-day software can predict the trend of the Market, and the currencies, and which direction would the market sway in the next coming week, and even a year in advance. This is especially beneficial for new users who are looking to invest money into trading. Cryptocurrencies, with its inherent secure transaction modes and decentralized trading, has lured in new millennial investors. There are many AI-based cryptocurrency trading algorithms available like Crypto genius.

As per the Crypto Genius review, this trading software helps one and many from all sects of the society–novice or professional, to make money in trading. This AI-based trading software is fed in user-defined limits and options for the user to take control manually over trading if the person wishes to.


The Darkside of the AI Moon:

While dealing with trading, where there is money involved, Companies, however, have to realize as to where the line needs to be drawn with respect to gathering consumer data, and how to work with it, and how much control are you giving your algorithm-programmed software to trade on its own. There have to be periodic checks to see whether the predictions follow strict guidelines with respect to trading policies and rules, in order to protect consumer interest.



AI brings about infinite possibilities to stay ahead of times and gives the thrill to successfully predict the unknown. But we have to be careful when it comes to the amount of free will allowed for AI-based software, as it may learn more than it should. With steady rules and strictly defined boundaries, we can explore the vast sea of convenience that AI brings to our lives.

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