Is An SAT Tutor Right For You?

If you are looking to apply to a good university or college, you need to have a high SAT score to secure the best position. Hiring an SAT tutor is one of the factors that can help you to get high scores. However, some people are able to self-study for the SATs, so how do you know which option is best for you? The following is a guideline on how to know whether hiring an SAT tutor is right for you.

1. Accountability and Motivation

Studying needs strong motivation and finding it all alone is very hard. Let’s be honest, test preparation (especially SAT preparation) is not an interesting one. An SAT tutor can help motivate you on test preparation and give you the quality study time you need to increase your score. A tutor will motivate you when you feel low and you are not in the mood to study. They will also give you goals and a target to meet, hence keeping you motivated.  Having that extra accountability will help keep you on track so you’re sure to cover everything you need to before the exam. If you find yourself having issues getting motivated to prepare for the SATs, then a tutor can definitely be of help.

2. Strong Study Plans

Succeeding on the SAT requires a strong study plan that cannot be interrupted. You need to identify the best time to schedule your studying. After taking a practice test and getting the results, you can set your SAT target score and figure out what study plan will help you achieve it. You need to know the following so as to have a strong study plan

  • Hours of necessary study each day/week
  • Resources to use
  • Material to cover in your SAT prep
  • When to adjust your study plan
  • When to schedule your practice time
  • When you are taking your SAT

3. Excellent Study Resources

The materials you will use when preparing for the SAT are very crucial. You need to get updated materials that are very relevant to the SAT test. Study materials need to be related to the test you are going to take, and they need to cover all of the test areas. Moreover, hiring a tutor who will guide you is usually a good idea as they will have access to the best resources. The tutor will be helpful in giving you instructions on the best material to use and what test areas you should focus on during your prep.

4. Learning From Your Mistakes

When trying to know where you went wrong during practice tests or questions, it can be hard to figure it out alone. A tutor can help you identify where you went wrong or rushed during your practice tests so you can learn from your mistakes. They can draw you concrete ways to avoid making those mistakes again in the future. The SAT tutor has the ability also to measure your progress, so you’ll know how well you’re advancing and adjust your study plan accordingly. Alternatively, with practice tests, the tutor can measure your progress and focus on the areas that you need to work on more.

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