Is It Necessary to Travel With a Weapon?

The answer to that question is almost always a very simple one:  No. However, many people find it more secure to have a personal defense weapon with them while traveling, particularly if they are going to be alone or without another adult. But just looking for the best self-defense weapon isn’t enough:  You have to determine what are legal self-defense weapons, both where you are now and where you’re traveling to. Gun control laws in America vary wildly, as do knife laws. So always be careful and start here.

A Quick Advisory

As mentioned above, knowing what you can carry legally varies from state to state, even from city to city. To avoid carrying something illegal with you while you travel, it’s a good idea to look through local and state laws. You should also double-check that all information that you get (yes, even here) is still up-to-date and is enforced. Lastly, remember that carrying a weapon of any kind is a massive responsibility. You should always view it as such.

What Types of Weapons?

When most people think of carrying weapons, the first thing they think of is a gun. However, mace/pepper sprays, stun guns, tactical pens, and knives are all weapons that can help you protect yourself. Some are illegal in certain areas, so always be sure that you’re following the guidelines. If you do have a gun, that’s acceptable as long as it is legal.

What Kinds of Traveling?

If you’re going by air, you’re not going to be allowed to have any type of weapon with you whatsoever. You’ll likely even have your fingernail clippers confiscated. If you’re driving, you have more options available. That is especially true if it’s your car. Buses and trains can be a bit of a toss-up since it varies by company. No matter what you choose, the method of travel is a big part of whether or not you can carry a weapon.

Travel Attorney

Ask a Lawyer

Does it sound like overkill? Yes. Should you still ask an attorney to explain the gun control laws? If possible, yes. You don’t need an entire gun control essay (though the right lawyer probably has some gun control essay examples ready or their gun law essay), but you do need the facts. Knowing what can legally be carried is a bigger question than most would think. Where can it be just as complicated? And don’t even get us started on how.

Carrying Safely

Knowing how to carry a weapon (particularly a gun) safely is one of the most important aspects. Firearms should be kept in a place where they can be accessed quickly if needed. They should also be somewhere secure so that no one else, especially a child, can reach it. Having safes, lockboxes or any other ways of keeping small hands off your weapon is a necessity.

Being Searched

Whether you’ve been pulled over while driving or are being searched for a different reason, be prepared to inform whoever is searching you that you are armed. Don’t make sudden movements, just tell them where the weapon is, along with what it is. The following orders are crucial here. Police have been pushing to stop gun violence, so be sure that you are in complete compliance with them.

Cases When You Can Legally Carry

  • When you are licensed to carry a firearm in the state or province.
  • When you are carrying only one knife of the appropriate size.
  • When you are carrying mace in a state where allowed.
  • When you are carrying a stun gun where they are legally allowed, in the correct voltage.
Traveling with a weapon is both an added security and a massive responsibility. Doing so legally can be exactly what you need to feel safer

Traveling with a weapon is both an added security and a massive responsibility. Doing so legally can be exactly what you need to feel safer. Starting with these tips, you’ll know what you can bring, and where you can bring it.

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