Is It Time? How to Know If In-Home Care is Right for You

There comes a point in life when you need a little extra help. That could be a big issue for many people who insist on being independent. However, there is nothing wrong with getting some qualified help when you need it. The good news is that there are a number of in-home care services that can help you with your day without compromising your home living independence. Here are some signs that you may need someone to care for you at home.


1. You Forget To Take Your Medication

As people get older, they will naturally take more medications. In fact, 25% of all 65-year-olds in America take an average of five medications. When you consider that many of these medications require multiple doses a day, it can be a problem to keep up. You have to remember to take your medications. You have to remember to pick up your prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Simply managing your medications can become difficult. However, you cannot afford to miss taking your medications because that can lead to health complications. With an in-home care companion, you can have someone remind you to manage your medications.


2. You Are Having Trouble Moving Around

If you are experiencing chronic pain, then it will be hard for you to move around the house. For many people, lack of mobility makes it hard for them to clean and maintain their homes. With an in-home, you can have someone assist you with small tasks such as cooking and getting dressed. This can go a long way in allowing you to enjoy independent living without compromising your quality of life.

According to Senior Care Companions, which provides home care in Long Island, sometimes an assisted living facility is unable to provide the level of care seniors require. So with home care, you can get superior care while still retaining your independence despite your mobility issue.


3. You Are Forgetting Things More Often

If you are forgetting basic information like the day of the week or how to use the remote control on your TV, then you will want to get in-home care. In serious situations, you may have trouble using your smartphone or your vehicle. It is important to have someone around that can assist you when you need it most. Also, the in-home care specialists can help you remember certain information that will help strengthen your memory.


4. You Spend More Time In Bed

Do you get up in the morning and think, “It’s too painful to move. I would rather just stay in bed.” This can happen to people as they get older. Lack of mobility can lead to deteriorating health and a complete loss of independence. With an in-home care companion, you will receive the assistance that you need to move around the house and enjoy more mobility. This will allow you to stay independent longer.


5. You Have Trouble Handling, Reaching and Opening Things

Do you struggle to open that jar of pickles? Perhaps you are no longer able to reach up to the top shelf of your cabinet because of a bad back or pinched nerves. Maybe reaching down to those cabinets below the sink is too much for your back. With in-home care, you can get the help that you need to manage those little tasks.


6. Your Family Suggests That You Get Extra Care

Sometimes your family will drop some subtle and not-so-subtle hints that you need some extra help. You may be resistant to this type of suggestion because you don’t want to lose your independence. However, it is important to consider that your family is acting in your best interest. If you have an accident or a bad fall, you may be forced to no longer life independently. With in-home care, you will have the assistance that you need to better handle your day.


Getting The Home Care That Will Improve Your Life

In-home care can give you the assistance that you need while you live at home. Look at available in-home care services in your area to get started. You’ll find that the right in-home care will greatly add to your overall quality of living.

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