Is It Worth Going to Chernobyl?

So, you are planning on visiting Chernobyl? Wondering if you should? Well, let us tell you, it is going to be something you have never experienced. Sure, you have your doubts about it as it is a place that has a history attached to it. Just as your first experience at free poker online with a deposit bonus, this too can turn out to be thrilling. In case you are still sceptical about your trip, here are a few reasons Chernobyl is worth visiting.

1. Explore a City Lost to Time

After the radiation disaster, the Soviet government has developed a 1004-square mile exclusion zone. You will be surprised to know that this area is still restricted. Thus, the area inside this zone gives you the feeling of being in a time capsule. It showcases a bygone era. As you go on a Chernobyl tour, your guide will take you through different areas in the exclusion zone. You will also be taken to Pripyat, where the incident unfolded. The area appears like it is decaying. The homes are still furnished, and you get to see the signs of the unfortunate event everywhere. 

2. Nature is in Its Full Glory

Research has shown that the exclusion zone has more animals than there were before the tragedy. Elk, deer, fox, and wolves are some of the animals found here. In fact, even rare species, such as Przewalski’s horse or European lynx, which had vanished a few years back, had been spotted in the Exclusion area. 

So, if you want to experience nature, you can go on eco-tours in Chernobyl. You will get to experience the accidental wildlife sanctuary. Present, the largest wildlife conservation of the country is home to more than 70% of bird species in Europe. 

3. Check Out Buildings Left Frozen in Time

If you are visiting Chernobyl, you will get a chance to visit crucial buildings, such as the nuclear control and the reactor hall. So, you will be able to delve into the history of the event that took place in 1986. It gives an insight into the life of the Pripyat residents. The broken windows, the peeling paint, and fading plaster will give you chills. There is an old farming village, Zalesye. You can wander through this village with the help of your tour guide. 

4. Gives an Insight into Chernobyl’s History

A visit to Chernobyl gives you a chance to observe and learn about its rich heritage. You can better understand the city better. If you take local guides, the events and their impact will be explained to you. 

One of the most affected zones in Pripyat is the amusement park. The residents have never been able to use it as the construction had just been complete when the nuclear reaction took place. Presently, the Ferris Wheel is the iconic image of the event that unfolded.

Bottom Line

Chernobyl is a Ukrainian city that has suffered one of the worst disasters in the world. So, many chuck it out of their travel bucket list. But if you are a history buff, it is surely worth visiting.

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