Is Kratom The New Coffee? Let’s Find Out

A naturally growing tropical plant coming from the rainforests of Southeast Asia, Kratom is gaining popularity at quite a speed. And, while the name may not ring many bells in Western culture, where it’s relatively new, this plant has had centuries of usage all through South East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. While many attributions talk about kratom’s potential as a natural remedy for managing pain and several other physical ailments, the evidence is rather limited.

Kratom, however, definitely can work as a natural mood-elevator much like coffee that keeps you pumped through the day.

Now that a lot of people are getting to know about this new herbal offering, many have started using it as a replacement for coffee.

How Do People Consume It?

While some like to simply toss it in their mouth and wash it down with juices or water, others may like more elaborate methods of consuming and enjoying kratom. To that end, you can prepare a tea using milk and honey combined with a green tea of your choice.

Some people might struggle with the strong taste of kratom, so they may opt for ingesting kratom capsules rather than going with consuming raw powder. However, the choice is all personal.

What To Expect From Consuming Kratom?

You have to know that just like coffee, kratom is also a naturally growing plant whose leaves are used for selling powders, capsules, and teas. So, it’s important to treat it like a natural herb rather than a magic potion. And, while there are accounts of people sharing kratom’s potential as a natural remedy to manage pain and fight depression – the research is limited. Therefore it’s important to set your expectations right in terms of its effects.

With that said, let’s take a look at what you might expect from kratom:

  1. The Potential To Give Quick Energy Boost – Some people find it hard to start their day without drinking coffee. Many of those people, upon discovering kratom have switched their morning coffee with kratom tea. It could partially be because of kratom’s potential to uplift your spirits. You may suddenly find yourself feeling more energetic. Therefore, many laborers who have to do a lot of heavy lifting throughout the day may find kratom to be a helpful herbal remedy. Depending upon the quality of the kratom product, consumption method, dosage, and form, the results may last for a couple of hours. Some people wait until they have found an optimal kratom dose to ward off fatigue.
  1. It May Enhance Mood – We all have to fight with the occasional ‘blues’ or lingering sensation of doom. Some of us help ourselves with a cup of tea, coffee, or some other herbal preparation. Many are beginning to find kratom’s effects as a potential mood-enhancing herb. The way kratom works is by interacting on the level of the brain; enhancing the production of ‘feel-good hormones’ which might explain the feeling of wellness associated with its consumption.
  1. It May Promotes a Sense of Well-being – As we discussed already, kratom may not be a magic potion, but some people find it easier to get on with their day when they consume kratom. You may also, as a first-time user, feel that drinking kratom tea makes you feel more optimistic with an elevated sense of well-being that was previously missing. Although there are many factors that control such impact, with effects being more pronounced in some users than others; kratom could turn out to be a natural way to elevate that sense of wellness and health many of us crave for.
  1. It may Help Manage Stress – Check out this particular thread on WebMD listing out kratom reviews by users from all around the world. Though there are no concrete studies or proof that could stipulate kratom’s potential in managing stress, some people do find it helps slow down their thoughts. Many feel it helps them think more clearly with the ability to carry out everyday tasks more easily.
  1. Promote Calmness with A Sense of Motivation – Just like coffee, many users feel kratom gives them a surge in motivation. They may suddenly find themselves more ready to take on. An added sense of mental clarity with a sudden onset of energy can get you ‘in the zone’ where you are able to maintain a steady pace of productivity.

A Word Of Caution

Kratom as a natural remedy or health supplement is not approved by the FDA. Although it’s easily available in most parts of the country, it’s important not to abuse kratom. As a matter of fact, it’s advised to start off with very small doses initially; preferably 1-2 grams every day. Little is more when it comes to kratom. It’s also paramount that you buy any type of kratom product only from a trusted vendor/supplier such as kratom crazy.

Overdosing on kratom may cause unexpected side effects including but not limited to nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, chest tightness, etc. Therefore, it’s important to collect as much information about kratom as possible before trying it out and making it a part of your lifestyle.

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