Is there any cure for Erectile Dysfunction?

Before knowing the cure for erectile dysfunction we should know about the erectile dysfunction itself. There are some questions which you should know before knowing the cure for erectile dysfunction.

  • What is erectile dysfunction?
  • Who faces it?
  • How it occurs?
  • What are the treatments?
  • Which precautions can be taken?
  • And the last question will be is there any cure for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is as common as ED. ED symptoms occur in men when they can’t keep an erection during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction became a huge problem for men as their Impotence. This disease can change the behavior of a person.

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Mainly ED is faced by the age group above 40 years and registered that it is riskier to diabetic patients as he was started growing in them before 10 to 15 years as compared to the non-diabetic patients. As per the data, it was studied that 70% of the men under the age group of 40 to 70 years get affected by ED.

The main cause of ED is the involvement of blood vessels. In Erectile Dysfunction the blood flow gets blocked and arteries faces problem in the penis.

After reading too much no need to worry at all as this disease also has treatment. Yes, it’s true that has a treatment. With those treatments, you can overcome erectile dysfunction.

Some of the famous medicines for Erectile Dysfunction prescribed by doctors are:

One of the Best medications for ED

Many solutions are there to end ED such as:

Oral medications: phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) {Silderafil (Viagra), Tadalafil, Vardenafil, etc.}

Penile injections: PGE1, Bimix, etc.

Penile implantation: This is the last option after any drug treatment.

Like every problem has its solution and we just have to find it likewise every disease has its cure too.

But what are those cures let’s study and find them?

ED is not just one of its types. It has different causes with this some can be cured and some cannot but it can be improved.

Curable causes

Incurable causes are of types:

  1. Reversible: Reversible Erectile Dysfunction can be stopped by as the name suggests they are reversible which can come which the side effects of different things. Like ED can be caused through the medications which can give side effects, through drugs or alcohol, also overweight, stress, difficulties in a  relationship can cause ED. 

2. Treatable: Treatable Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, high cholesterol but they can be treated.

3. Medication: At least 25% of the medications can cause side effects of ED. Some of the medicines like High Blood Pressure, indigestion, painkillers can cause ED. For this, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

4. Obesity: excessive fat and obesity can cause erectile dysfunction and also can increase your diabetes which is type 2, high blood pressure, your cholesterol level which can cause ED.

5. Hormonal imbalance: obesity can lower your cholesterol but low cholesterol, high prolactin level, abnormal thyroid levels can cause ED.

6. The physical process is an important part that is played by our brain. So relaxing the brain is very important but a performance like anxiety, relationship stress, pressure, depression, or traumas that have been experienced in past can lead to physical and mental health issues which can also cause ED.

Non- curable causes

Like explained that curable can be reversible or treated but some ED can be treated through only medications and there are some ED’s which can only be treated through surgeries, implantations, or injections.

  1. Problems facing with nerves: Nerves are one of the important parts of our body and the blood flow of the body is a major role played by them. Damaging of nerves in the penis or other parts of the body like in the spinal cord can lead to ED and can make a big problem that can’t be cured.

2. Kidney disease: Chronic Kidney disease has the highest rate of causing ED. After various surveys, we get to know that 65% of males under the age of 50 cause ED, and more than 89% cause ED who are above the age group of 50. After good dialysis, this can be recovered.

3. Prostate therapies: Radiotherapies and Prostate in Pelvic areas can damage your blood vessels which can stop your blood flow in the penis and this can create a problem.

Most of the problems can be cured with simple meditation, daily exercises, and a daily healthy diet. After the consultation with the doctor, you can go for the medications which can give you relief.

Frequently asked questions

How can a male come to know about the symptoms occurring in himself in ED?

When a male faces problems in hard Stay and maintaining an erection can lead to ED. It is mostly found in the Old males as compared to the younger ones. It is a 100% genuine and FDA-certified company that helps you in getting your medicines timely and must ensure that your doctor has advised that to you.

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