Is Video the Best Marketing Tool?

Have you ever thought of an ideal way to build your brand? We have answers to your curiosity. You are about to discover the best marketing tool that brings you closer to achieving your business objectives within a short time.

Video marketing is an indispensable content marketing tool that every business requires to reach a wider audience. Research has it that video content gains more attention on social media than other marketing strategies.

According to Kristen McCormick, videos posted on social media get the highest shares than infographics and text. It is your best chance to capitalize on video advertising to upscale your business in today’s world.

Do you still need to know why you should consider video marketing? This is a comprehensive guide that will give you insights into the importance of video marketing for brand positioning.

Shooting videos for an advertisement

Basic Principles in Creating a Video Introducing a Company

Creating a video for marketing purposes requires considering several options if you want to achieve effective results. Omitting any of these components may undermine the objectives of the video. Of course, you don’t want that to happen.

Now, let’s talk about the factors that make a video suitable for marketing;

● Target Audience

The first thing you should know is that you cannot reach out to everyone. That is where market segmentation comes to mind. The first goal of video marketing is to identify your target audience and create a video to suit their needs.

● Understanding the Goals

The best concept always comes from those who understand their business objectives. Don’t jump into video creation with half knowledge. Take your time to analyze what you need to achieve with the video you want to create. This will generate the best idea to develop video content that suits your target audience.

● Well-Thought Out Script

As we said earlier, you need to carefully plan your video content if you want it to perform exceptionally well. The video you want to create needs to answer the questions running through the mind of your audience.

● Time Frame & Budget

Planning without a time frame may delay your video production. This brings about procrastination, hence, a prolonged production period. Also, set a realistic budget to avoid getting stuck along the way. When writing out your budget, consider the video format, expected results, and video objectives.

● Location

Where and how you choose to create your video is also an essential factor of video marketing. If you have an excellent concept, but the site for the production doesn’t match your idea, the outcome may be ineffective.

● Montage of the Clip

Montage clips are videos put together in a sequence to tell stories to an audience. It is ideal for introducing a company to a new audience. It is possible to use videos from different sources; and then, merge them into a format. It doesn’t matter if your videos are DVD recordings; VOB format can help you build montage clips.

With this list of VOB converters, you can get it done faster than you think.

● Promotion on the Web

It is understandable that people, whether consciously or unconsciously, find themselves watching one video or another online. So it is your best shot to promote your company’s video on the web. It is a faster way to raise brand awareness for a business.

How to Shoot Marketing Videos

Irrespective of your business size, video marketing can help it realize its potential quickly. That is why you need to upgrade your marketing tools and strategy. However, video production processes can be tedious; you need to think about the equipment and video editor. Also, you will probably think about optimizing the audio and worry about shot lighting.

Remember that the goal is to put a face and personality to a name with the video you intend to create. That is your first contact with your target audience. If done wrongly, you may not get the opportunity to build trust and rapport with your prospective customers.

A video editor and their equipment

Now let us show you how to shoot promotional videos.

1. Get your Shooting Script Ready

What comes first before even thinking about camera equipment is getting your shooting script ready. This shows you the path your video production should follow. You can also make use of storyboards and a series of still photographs when planning your production.

It is essential to be aware of your video marketing needs before picking the camera. Spending time to plan ensures you capture everything needed for the video production.

2. Be Conversant with B-Roll Footage Requirement

This implies that you must determine the relevant footage for your video marketing before the production starts. In most cases, these are shots that you cannot possibly film by yourself. A good example is aerial shots from unique locations.

B-roll footage can never be too much as long as they are about the current production.

3. Consider Using the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds can help you draw attention toward the area of focus in the shot. It requires that you have something unique in your image that the viewers view naturally.

Your shot must be composed in a way that’s easier for the audience to read without any force compelling them to watch. This applies to any images, including portraits and landscapes.

4. Understanding of Light Composition

As simple as it sounds, you need to understand the differences between natural and artificial light to avoid mixing it up during production. If you shoot indoors, ensure your subject is not close to a window to prevent light conflicts. The mixture of different light sources can mar the video production.

A higher level of consistency in your primary light is compulsory, which is why indoor shooting should prevent daylight interference.

5. Set Your Camera’s White Balance

In situations where there are contrasting temperatures, adjusting your camera’s white balance becomes the next action to take. Even though some cameras have auto-white balance features, we recommend that you change them yourself for satisfactory results. Auto adjustment may not produce exactly what you need.

Sound in the Video Marketing

Many marketers usually neglect the importance of audio in video marketing. It is an integral aspect that requires a lot of attention. It should be a part of your mapped-out plans for creating the video. Sometimes, making an imperfect video is forgivable, but poor quality audio is a complete turn-off.

This is a pitfall that video marketers need to avoid, given its negative impact on a company’s brand. That is why many organizations are getting low brand engagement. You can learn about the social media video hacks to boost brand engagement here.

Video editing equipment

Sound gives your brand a voice, making it the best way to convince an audience about your brand value proposition. Text can be boring sometimes, and people prefer to hear from you directly. Convert text to videos with AI Studios. AI Text-to-Video Transform any blogs, PDFs, PPTs, URLs, or scripts into pro-quality videos.

Research showed that video with sound is 50 percent more effective than text and images. The average individual is impatient and may not be interested in reading text. Visuals attached with sound provide them with all the information they need to know.


Video marketing is not new, but not everyone understands how to use it. It is one of the marketing tools available in the advertisement space for brand development and sales growth. Whether your business is new or old, small or large, you can take it to the next level by using video ads.

Composition is a critical component in creating videos for marketing purposes. Learn the tips and principles discussed in the guide to turn around your business rapidly.

You can also measure your video’s return on investment to see the performance of your professionally created content.

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