It’s Time for a Luxury Cruise: 4 Tips for Choosing Sophisticated Cruise Wear

Are you getting ready for your first luxury cruise, but you aren’t sure what to wear? Read this to learn the best tips for choosing sophisticated cruise wear.

When planning a trip on a luxury cruise liner, the right attire is essential.

Wearing dressier clothing has the power to impact your mood and way of thinking as well. Your wardrobe selections should complement the ship’s five-star accommodations, amenities, and service.

Most luxury cruises call for “resort casual” attire…but what does this entail? This means focusing on wardrobe pieces that combine comfort and style.

So, what should you pack for your next luxury cruise trip? Read on for 4 helpful tips for choosing sophisticated cruise wear.

1- Select a Simple Yet Stylish Color Palette

Certain color palettes work best when selecting your cruise wear wardrobe. Focus on neutral or light colors for greater style and comfort.

Lighter colors like whites, creams, and tans will absorb less heat. Pretty pastel colors like pink and light blues are also popular choices.

Many top clothing designers also offer cruise line collections. These offer classic color palettes like navy and blue. Breton stripes are also popular cruise wear.

2- Focus on the Right Fit and Materials

Designer cruise wear should offer a comfortable fit made from classy materials. This includes loose and flowy sundresses or skirts for women. Blouses and pantsuits are also ideal wardrobe choices.

Bathing suit cover-ups are worn during the day as well. Be sure to pack plenty of sarongs, kimonos, and light maxi dresses.

For men, the best thing to wear on a luxury cruise is a collared polo or button-up. Pair these shirt choices with shorts or slacks.

Jeans may be welcome during the day on some cruise liners. These are not preferred in the ship’s restaurants or at night.

Choose comfortable and breathable materials like linen and cotton. Linen fabric is breathable and absorbs moisture so you sweat less. Silk is another popular material to wear on luxury cruise ships.

3- Make It Easy to Transition From Day to Night

Most people choose to dress in casual outfits during the day. Then they transition to more elegant attire at night. Easy day-to-night pieces are ideal for what to wear on a luxury cruise.

Men often switch from shorts to slacks and a sports jacket at night. Women can wear a chic sundress that gets dressed up at night with the right shoes and jewelry.

Longer cruises tend to have formal nights planned for guests.

These special events call for a cocktail dress or gown. Men should wear a suit with a tie or a tuxedo.

It’s also important to bring layers in case the temperatures drop at night. Pack a light jacket, scarf, or windbreaker to stay comfortable.

4- Accessorize to Enhance Style

When picking clothes for a luxury cruise, be sure to also accessorize. You can add texture to your outfit with a chic natural-woven handbag or hat. Use jewelry to make a statement by adding a colorful necklace or earrings.

Footwear should be stylish, comfortable, and safe. This means women should avoid high heels. Flats, strappy sandals, or wedges are better options.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of sandals or slides from the latest Gucci shoe collection. Boat shoes also make for sophisticated travel wear for men.

Packing Sophisticated Cruise Wear for Your Next Luxury Cruise

The right sophisticated cruise wear is a must for any luxury cruise vacation. These dress code tips offer the best advice on what to wear during your time at sea.

It’s also helpful to check the cruise liner’s dress code policy before packing. Some cruise lines are much more relaxed than others.

Looking for more tips to make the most of your next luxury cruise? Browse the cruises and yachting section of our blog for all the latest advice.

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