Just Moved In? Here’s What to Do With All the Boxes

Few feelings can compare to the one you get when you finally finish unpacking. The moving company neatly brought all your belongings, and you worked long

Few feelings can compare to the one you get when you finally finish unpacking. The moving company neatly brought all your belongings, and you worked long and hard to find a place for them. But there’s one thing left on your to-do list: deal with all the moving boxes.

Cardboard boxes are an invaluable asset when it comes to moving your stuff. However, after all the fuss is over, they become redundant. On the one hand, boxes take up a lot of space, and you are probably tempted to simply throw them out. On the other hand, that isn’t a very eco-friendly solution.

So, what can you do with old moving boxes? Here are ten creative ideas on how to repurpose and upcycle cardboard boxes. Let’s get started!

1. Make a Fortress or a Dollhouse

If you have kids, there are infinite ways you can use cardboard boxes and make something they’ll enjoy. All it takes is a bit of imagination! For instance, you can make a castle, a car, or a house for your children to play in. There’s also a dollhouse, car park, kitchen, workshop, or anything else your kids are interested in these days.

For a pretend hair salon or a workshop, you only need to cut the front of the box and place that piece on the top side. That way, you will create a back to which you can attach a mirror or toy tools.

DIY cars are also fairly easy to make. You’ll need to cut out the bottom and the top of the box and use the pieces to make wheels, which you should then glue to the sides. In the end, you only have to find two belts or pieces of fabric to serve as suspenders.

You can create something like this as a surprise or make it a group project with your child. It can even turn out to be a great bonding time!

2. Cardboard Boxes Turned Storage Totes

With a few supplies, you can turn empty boxes into storage totes. Start with covering the boxes in fabric, then add old belts as handles. That way, you will get stylish totes for toys, magazines, craft supplies, etc.

3. A DIY Shoe Rack

Cut and fold old cardboard boxes into triangle shapes. Attach as many as you need together using colorful tape to create a unique and fashionable shoe rack.

4. A Scratch Toy For Your Cat

Cats love scratching cardboard! So, turn the extra boxes into a scratching pad to save your furniture and provide hours of fun for your cat.

All you have to do is cut the boxes into long strips. Attach them together on the shorter side, and roll them tightly into a thick pad. If you are feeling extra creative, you can also paint the outer rim.

5. An Indoor Dog House

Your little pooch will be thrilled to have its own space inside your home. To make an indoor dog house, you’ll need your old moving boxes and something to decorate them with, such as crayons, paint, or paper. However, keep in mind that a cardboard dog house is only suitable for inside your home since it won’t hold against the weather elements.

6. Cardboard Christmas Decorations

With the Christmas season just around the corner, use all the boxes left after unpacking to make beautiful ornaments. For example, you can make rustic Christmas trees and set up a winter scene. Furthermore, you will probably have plenty of cardboard left to create stars in various sizes. After you cut them out, paint them with colors of your choosing and hang them on your tree or around your home.

7. Upcycled Home Decor

If you love crafting and have extra time on your hands, you can make fashionable items to decorate your home, like cardboard photo frames, trays, or a sunburst mirror. Photo frames are easy to create, and you can really customize them. If you are into decoupage, cardboard trays will give you an excellent opportunity to show off your talents.

For a sunburst mirror, you need to roll the cardboard strips into circles. Next, arrange them into the pattern you like, and glue on decorative elements such as sequins. In the end, attach the mirror.

8. Cardboard Furniture

When carefully designed, cardboard furniture can be very sturdy. You can even make armchairs that look both unique and stylish! Just make sure to find a reliable tutorial.

9. Desktop Organizers and Stationery Boxes

Due to the global pandemic and lockdowns, many of us started working from our home offices. So, if you need a quick and cheap way to keep your desk organized, it’s time to take out the old boxes. Simple desktop organizers won’t take too long to make but will come in handy to hold your keys, pens, and paper clips.

On the other hand, stationery boxes require a bit more time, but only because you have to make sure all the pieces are the right size. This project will also cost you nothing, provided you already have some paint on hand.

10. A Play Desk For Your Kids

Bigger boxes can become a great pop-up desk. The top can serve as a surface to do crafts and homework on. At the same time, if you leave one side open, your kids can climb in every time they want some privacy. Or they can use it as a hiding spot during a game of hide-and-seek.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to repurpose the cardboard boxes left after you finish unpacking. Depending on how much time you’re willing to invest, you can make a play fortress for your kids, a scratchpad for your cat, or even new furniture pieces. So, now that you have all these creative ideas on how to reuse old boxes, unpacking could become something you’re actually looking forward to.


Viral Rang
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