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Kaleidescopes Coloring Crafts


Kaleidoscopes Printables provides hours of fun for everyone in your family, regardless of their age!

Do you want quality time with your family? Using this Kaleidoscopes is a good choice to have bonding time with your love ones.

This tool is used by teachers, craft artists, and kids, We provide you with 50 images of printable Kaleidoscope!  Drawn by hand on the computer, each image is beautiful and detailed, just waiting to be printed out and creatively used by you!

Using Images in Crafts

As Colouring Sheets

Print the image you require on your printer.

If you do not have a printer, Trace image from your computer monitor onto a sheet of paper. Computer monitors can double as light boxes! Place a sheet of paper over the monitor’s display, tracing with pen or pencil the image that now shows through.

As embroidery, stained glass, latch hook, cross stitch or long-stitch designs …

Use your monitor as a light box, tracing the image onto your fabric, glass, or aida. Choose your colours and start filling in the design with paint, yarn or cotton.

For Punch Needle embroidery …

Punch Needle embroidery requires images are backwards as the design is created from the back of the fabric.
To flip the image, select flip horizon tally or mirror.
This will make the image backwards. You can now trace the image off the monitor onto your fabric or woven interface.

Kaleidescopes 1 Kaleidescopes 2 Kaleidescopes 3 Kaleidescopes 4 Kaleidescopes 5 Kaleidescopes 6 Kaleidescopes 7 Kaleidescopes 8 Kaleidescopes 9 Kaleidescopes 10 Kaleidescopes 11 Kaleidescopes 12 Kaleidescopes 13Kaleidescopes 14  Kaleidescopes 15 Kaleidescopes 16 Kaleidescopes 17 Kaleidescopes 18 Kaleidescopes 19 Kaleidescopes 20 Kaleidescopes 21 Kaleidescopes 22 Kaleidescopes 23 Kaleidescopes 24 Kaleidescopes 25 Kaleidescopes 26 Kaleidescopes 27 Kaleidescopes 28 Kaleidescopes 29 Kaleidescopes 30 Kaleidescopes 31 Kaleidescopes 32 Kaleidescopes 33Kaleidescopes 34  Kaleidescopes 35 Kaleidescopes 36 Kaleidescopes 36 Kaleidescopes 37 Kaleidescopes 39 Kaleidescopes 40 Kaleidescopes 41 Kaleidescopes 42 Kaleidescopes 43 Kaleidescopes 44 Kaleidescopes 45 Kaleidescopes 46 Kaleidescopes 47 Kaleidescopes 48 Kaleidescopes 49 Kaleidescopes 50

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