Kangaroos, Kiwis and more – Exotic things to do in New Zealand

Stop. Pause. Repeat. Sounds familiar? If this has been your anthem, then it is time to take that much-needed break to reset your mind. And we have just the right destination for you, adorned with hundreds of islands, this island country is located east of Australia, if you have not guessed it already, New Zealand is just the perfect destination to unwind with the ultimate New Zealand tour package.

Stunning landscapes

Tongariro National Park

It is one of the oldest national parks in the world. The Tongariro National Park is a stunning masterpiece with volcanoes and lush forests. Also, pay a visit to Lake Taupo, with its pristine blue waters this breathtakingly beautiful lake will leave you filled with a sense of gratitude and pure bliss.


Famous for hot springs and thermal geysers, Rotorua is a geothermal phenomenon waiting to be explored. You can soak in one of the steaming mud pools or hot water geysers amidst the mountainous ranges under the clear blue skies. This natural spa will cleanse your mind and soul.

Adventure sports

From rafting to bungee jumping, New Zealand has a host of adventure activities bound to get your heart pumping!


Tick this off your bucket list, if you are looking for the perfect excuse to skydive as New Zealand has multiple destinations like Auckland, Wanaka, and Lake Taupo that offer skydiving. If you are feeling a bit ambitious, you could go solo too as you drift through the skies and embrace the rush of adrenaline.

Cave exploring

Home to some unique caves like Waitomo caves, you could wade through the waters to explore these spectacular works of nature; there are several guided tours offered as a part of a New Zealand tour package, to aid your journey through the caves.

Food & Wine

Maori Hangi

Maori are the indigenous tribe of New Zealand, and Maori Hangi simply translates to cooking on the rocks in an underground pit. This is a unique cultural experience, embodied in an age-old tradition and warm hospitality by the locals. The common ingredients used are tubers, fish, and chicken, wrapped in leaves and placed on hot stones in a pit. The food is cooked for a few hours (3-4 hours) and served. This indigenous delicacy has soft earthy flavors with a smoky appeal, gorge on this bounty as you listen to the mystical folklores etched in history.

Manuka Honey

This is another specialty from the Maori tribe, it is a distinct type of honey made from the nectar of the manuka tree which is pollinated by bees. It is highly revered and considered sacred, it is also claimed to have antibacterial properties not commonly observed in other honey varieties. So be sure to sample this honey and pack a few as souvenirs for back home.

Classic New Zealand Wine Trail

Wine connoisseurs take note, New Zealand is home to some exclusive wine varieties like Marlborough Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. And they offer exclusive visits to some of the best vineyards across New Zealand like Hawke’s Bay, Martinborough, Wellington, and Marlborough, also on offer is some exciting food all along the way. So hop on and unleash your love for wine!


The fauna in New Zealand is as unique as its history; here is a look at what you can expect:


New Zealand is home to two distinct varieties of penguins – Yellowed penguin and Blue Penguin, unfortunately nearing extinction, and several conservation programs are ensuring the survival of these species.

Whales and Dolphins

Whale spotting is another famous activity in New Zealand; specialized packages let you have an up-close view of these magnificent creatures. New Zealand is visited by several whale species during the migration season; some of the species include the humpback whale, blue whale, and Giant Sperm Whale.

New Zealand is home to the world’s smallest dolphin species known as the Hector’s Dolphins; you can cruise through the seas in Akaroa Harbour and watch these adorable creatures swim.


The national bird of New Zealand, this elusive but endangered bird can be witnessed as a part of the Kiwi Discovery walks, a guided tour through the jungles to catch a glimpse of these rare birds in their natural habitat.

With its abundance of natural beauty, cultural treasures, and of course, its charming national wildlife, New Zealand is certainly a place any traveler should experience. Every day here can bring something new – from exploring the misty mountain tops of the Southern Alps to spotting a kiwi in the wild – opportunities abound.

Whether you’re an avid wildlife enthusiast looking for a rewarding animal sighting or just ready to disconnect from your routine life and explore something truly different, it’s time to think about planning a trip to New Zealand. So take the plunge and add this incredible destination to your bucket list – you won’t regret it!

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  1. Wow, New Zealand truly is a paradise for nature enthusiasts like me! I had the incredible opportunity to visit this stunning country last year, and I can’t recommend it enough. Exploring the unique wildlife was one of my favorite experiences. Watching kangaroos hop gracefully in the wild and observing the adorable kiwis in their natural habitat were unforgettable moments.

    The diverse landscapes in New Zealand also offer fantastic opportunities for adventure. I went hiking in the breathtaking Fiordland National Park, where the dramatic fjords left me in awe. Don’t miss out on exploring the geothermal wonders of Rotorua; the bubbling mud pools and vibrant geysers are simply otherworldly.

    And let’s not forget about the Maori culture! Attending a traditional Maori cultural performance was a highlight of my trip. Learning about their history and customs added depth to my New Zealand adventure.

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