How To Keep Your Jewelry Safe While Traveling

When you’re heading abroad, packing your favorite accessories is essential! Adding your favorite piece of jewelry to your holiday outfits will instantly elevate your look while only taking up a small amount of space in your suitcase. Whether you’re on a city break and want to add a touch of detail to your favorite t-shirt and jeans or jet off to a sunny island and want to dress up your beach attire, jewelry is the key to creating an effortlessly stylish look.

We can all agree that losing, breaking, or damaging your favorite piece of jewelry is an upsetting experience, so we’ve put together some top tips and tricks to keep your jewelry safe whilst you’re traveling.

1- Only take the jewelry you will wear…

Sometimes it can be very easy to overpack for your holiday. While this is fine for easily replaceable items like clothes and toiletries, you should only bring the jewelry you know you will wear, for example, your favorite earrings, your beautiful butterfly necklace, and your awesome sunglasses. You should leave the rest of your jewelry at home, so if anything happens you will still have part of your jewelry collection. You should also make sure that the jewelry you’ve left at home is secure and hidden since you will not be there to protect it.

2- Make a list…

Once you’ve selected the pieces of jewelry to take with you, make a list of each item and leave one copy of this at home. Take the other copy on holiday with you so that you can double-check you’ve packed all your jewelry before you head home. If you are taking any valuable pieces of special jewellery you should look into insuring them. You will need to do this in advance and you may need original receipts for the jewelry, a valuation, or a certificate for larger gemstones and diamonds.

3- Invest in a jewelry roll…

When traveling it’s best to keep the jewelry you’re not wearing all in one place. A jewelry roll is a soft storage case designed with lots of separate compartments for necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, so it’s perfect for holding all of your pieces of jewelry individually so they won’t get tangled or broken in your suitcase. You should always keep your jewelry case or wrap in your hand luggage so if anything happens to your hold luggage your jewelry will be safe with you.

4- Remove your jewelry before bathing…

Both costume and precious jewelry can react to chlorinated water and chemicals found in sun creams and lotions, so we recommend always putting on your jewelry after dressing and removing your jewelry before taking a dip in the pool or swimming in the sea. Remember to pack a gold, silver, or microfiber polishing cloth so that if your jewelry comes into contact with any abrasive chemicals that may cause damage, you will be able to quickly polish it off.

5- Make use of the hotel safe…

When you’re staying at hotels or hostels, in most cases your room will have a lockable safe. Make sure you store your jewelry (along with your passport!) in the safe so that there is no chance of it being taken from your room while you’re out having fun.

6- Don’t wear all your valuables at once…

When you’re traveling around a place you haven’t visited before you don’t want to worry about your jewelry attracting the wrong kind of attention from pickpockets and thieves. Try not to wear too many valuables so that you don’t appear as an easy target, especially if you’re traveling alone! 

Now you’re equipped with all the information you need! Follow these top tips to keep your jewelry safe and pristine so that you can concentrate on having a fabulous holiday with your favorite jewels!  Enjoy your travels x

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