Key Differences Between Land-Based and Online Casinos

At the heart of a great casino experience is an environment that is both accessible, and enjoyable for the player. Land-based casinos certainly deliver on the latter part. Think luxury décor, uniformed professional dealers, and clinking chips . . . It’s no wonder that this distinct atmosphere is re-created in renowned casinos worldwide!

In terms of accessibility, casinos are generally located in touristic and urban areas. They are often located in places close to restaurants or hotels and form an essential part of the nightlife of an area. In the casino itself, a wide variety of slots and games are available for players coming from all walks of life, although getting to the casino itself can be a hassle depending on how far you live from such locations.

Yet what if you fancy a quick spin on your favorite slot? Or prefer a card game round without having to leave the house? Since the first online casino in 1996, online casinos have stepped in to create such gaming possibilities. Game designers reacted to this opportunity by developing the necessary IT systems to make digital playing experiences safe, accessible, and engaging. The result is a wide range of online casinos options with hundreds of game options a click away.


With that said, we take a look at the key differences between land-based and digital casinos in our infographic below.

Land Based vs Online Casino infographic

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