Key Steps of Registering a Company in Portugal

If having your own company in Portugal is your dream, then, you need to know that there is nothing insurmountable, and you will be able to do this! The matter is that you should come up with the wisest solution that will help you to do this. Study this article and you will be provided with the most vital knowledge ever.

Why Open a Company in Portugal?

Those who intend to register a business in Portugal usually want to be confident that things will go okay and that they will get profit as a result of being involved in such activities. If you follow the below, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the reasons why it is a good idea to establish a company here in Portugal:

  1. The country is characterized as a spot with a clear and civilized environment without corruption. It means that you will be able to build a successful business there without any hardships.
  2. There is an attractive taxation system in the country. It is actually really nice as long as it is great when you do not have to spend a great part of your profit on paying taxes.
  3. As soon as you open a company in Portugal, it is going to be easy for you to expand your business to an international scale and continue promoting your undertaking in Europe (there are plenty of developed countries with a huge demand for qualitative services and products next to Portugal).

It is nice to reside and work in Portugal thanks to the really nice climate which can also be considered a cool advantage too.

So, as you see, it is a nice thought to open a company in Portugal. You will surely not regret doing it in the long run.

Is It Real to Start a Company in Portugal Fast and Painlessly?

The answer is surely positive here. You can do this without any hardships in case you know what to do. The best option ever is to work with the intermediary. Certainly, you are free to choose the opposite way when you stand in lines and interact with the authorities. But this way will be linked to such trouble as losing your time (you may devote it to some other business matters that need to be resolved urgently).

However, in this case, you need to be ready so that you will have to pay some extra money. It is not a big trouble though as long as in the end, you will be able to simply watch the work being done and enjoy the final result you are about to come across.

Basic Steps That Will Help You to Establish the Company in Portugal

The first and foremost step to stick to is making a decision linked to what your future company will be involved in. If you are not certain about this aspect, analyze the market thoroughly and take a look at your potential competitors. This is really important as long as it will determine how much profit you are going to make in the future. It may even be necessary to hire a team to help you with such a matter.

The second step is getting the essential documents ready. The list of them is not too great for those who would like to register a company in Portugal. First of all, take care of preparing the scan of your passport. Besides, it is vital to have NIF which is a tax ID. It is not a big deal if you have not ordered it yet. This can be done online without any problems at all. Simply pay a processing fee and provide a set of the papers, and you will be done with this.

Note that various intermediaries can ask you to suggest some more documents. However, what was listed above is going to be fine in most cases.

The third step to deal with is submitting the application. It is an easy activity, and no future business owner will have difficulty doing this. After this is done, pay a fee for registering a company in Portugal.

The fourth step is about expecting till your company is officially opened. It may require different times which depends on many factors. However, five working days are going to be just fine for the majority of cases connected with registering a company in Portugal.

As soon as everything is ready, you will be able to call yourself a company owner! The only thing left to do is to develop and constantly improve your undertaking and what you do in general in order to attract as many customers as possible.

Some FAQ Linked to Opening a Company in Portugal

  • Is it hard to open a company without an intermediary?

It is not too difficult but the process will turn out to be longer for sure. If you want to stick to such an option, it is absolutely your right.

  • Should I have a business bank account in the future?

Sure! But before you are able to open it, you need to take care of establishing a personal account first of all.

  • What about the accounting services?

Well, everything depends on what knowledge you have in this area. Some business owners are ready to take on this challenge themselves but it certainly is going to be a hard task if you are a newcomer to this. Therefore, you’d better order the services of the professionals. A monthly fee of about 300 euros will have to be paid in this case.

  • Will I have to wait for a long time till my company in Portugal is opened?

It depends on who you are working with first of all. Besides, it is also necessary to keep in mind how busy the authorities are as long as they have to confirm everything.

So, the best of luck with opening your company in Portugal!

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