Key Things First-timers Must Know About Dermal Fillers

The skin loses its elasticity as the human body ages, causing fine lines in different face parts, sagging brows, and sunken cheeks. Fortunately, advancements in science and technology have made it easy for aesthetic and cosmetic professionals to perform straightforward and complex corrective procedures.

The dermal filler is one such exciting and popular cosmetic procedure that helps people enjoy enhanced skin elasticity, consequently improving the appearance of their overall features. The technique can be used to fix various issues that people of all ages face routinely.

Those who have never had these fillers done can refer to the ensuing information to understand their purpose and effectiveness better. Also, it will help determine if you are the right candidate for the treatment.

What are Dermal filler Injections and How do they work?

In simple terms, these are injections that are filled with a particular type of gel, primarily made of hyaluronic acid, which is known to pull and bind water in the skin. When injected into problematic target areas, the solution makes the region taut and fuller by hydrating it. It fills the gaps between fine lines, makes them disappear, and adds volume to sunken areas, effectively restoring a fuller appearance.

Unsurprisingly, the market for these fillers is worth billions of dollars already, with industry experts claiming a spike in the coming years. While these are primarily used on the face, more specialists now also use them to treat other areas like the chest, neck, hands, and chin.

Long Lasting Results

It is indeed true that these fillers are not a permanent solution to eliminating wrinkles, lines, creases, and sagging skin. However, they last for a significantly long period, ensuring people enjoy younger-looking, smooth skin at a stretch. Several injectables remain active for almost a year, but most will require you to return to your specialist for a touch-up once in four to six months.

Since the procedure is minimally invasive, takes only a couple of minutes, and barely hurts, most folks do not find it bothersome to go back for more injections. Those that worry about pain or have a low threshold for it can ask their cosmetologist for topical anesthetics.

Few to No Side Effects

The only thing you may notice after an injection is redness of the site, some tenderness, and slight swelling. People with sensitive skin may experience bruising or itchiness in the region for a day or two. But these are common after-effects of most procedures and quickly fade away in no time.

Invariably, you will notice the results almost immediately, despite the minimal redness and swelling. If you are still apprehensive about the side effects, it is advisable to have a frank talk with your practitioner before the procedure to put your fears to rest.

Diverse Treatment Options

A fantastic thing about these fillers is that they can treat many problems with incredible efficacy. To understand this better, consider the below list of the most sought-after services by aesthetic service providers.

  • Temple and forehead contouring – Lines and sagging skin on the forehead can make the entire face look older than the biological age. Sunken temples can have a similar effect, making the features oddly mismatching. However, hyaluronic acid can help even these problem areas to make the facial features stand out smoothly.
  • Under-eye hollow – Whether you have baggy or puffy flesh under your eyes or sunken skin, a filler procedure can make them disappear for a long time.
  • Cheek and brow lift – These injectables can ensure that thin cheeks become plumper, eventually making laugh lines fade away. Also, they can be a very effective way to deal with age-related sagging brows.
  • Lip and chin enhancements – People with skinny lips often get these injections to enjoy a fuller mouth and a natural-looking pout that can cover any over-exposed gums. Moreover, it can contour the chin without any invasive surgical procedure, making the face look younger and taut.
  • Lower facelifts – Fillers are an excellent way to give the entire face a lift, pulling tissues effectively to prevent them from sagging. The session lasts for barely an hour, with the results lasting for a reasonably long time.
  • Chest and hands rejuvenation – Wrinkles and lost skin elasticity in the chest and hands can be remedied by high-quality injectables, making the problem areas more attractive than ever.

It May Boost Collagen Production  

Some experts suggest that hyaluronic acid has the remarkable ability to stimulate and boost the human body’s natural collagen production. Therefore, when you get dermal filler treatments regularly, there are high chances of your body’s natural elasticity returning significantly.

Finally, note that this treatment is not just for women, with an increasing number of men in the United States and the world opting for fillers to rectify problems areas. It is beneficial for people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds to deal with age-related skin issues.

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