Killer Tips to Save on Accommodation When Travelling

The greatest part of your traveling budget goes on accommodation, but you have no other option than to find a place where to crash in a bed after you are exploring for an entire day. But if you would manage to reduce the cost it would be an amazing thing, because you could afford to see more places. If some people prefer expensive hotels, many others want only an affordable solution, because their main interest is to check new places and not to focus on the amenities they have at their hotel. When it comes to the cost of the accommodation, it does not matter if you prefer a hammock or a hotel room, it is always a plus if you can save money.

There are many strategies, you can take advantage of when looking for an affordable accommodation solution, here are some of the best ones.

Monasteries are a cheap option

If you have no preference when it comes to accommodation you should choose if there are monasteries in the area where you are traveling. Monasteries offer tourists accommodation at a cheap cost but they do not offer more than a desk and a bed, therefore you have to be prepared for what you will receive. Some monasteries also offer travelers food, but they are simple meals prepared by nuns and monks. If you are looking for a simple and peaceful place where to relax then you should consider this option. Some of the monasteries do not even ask for a fee, they ask the tourists to make a donation if their budget allows it.

A farm stay can help you connect with nature

Have you ever dreamt of having your own farm? If you do not mind hearing some woofs from time to time this can be a solution that can save you a lot of money. Depending on the farm where you will crash you can even have the possibility to learn how to do some farm work; you can milk the cows and feed the chicken if you are interested in this type of activity. Some farms even organize outdoor activities for their guests, therefore all you have to do is to check the facilities offered by the accommodation you will book. When it comes to the level of comfort, you will benefit from if you will choose to stay on a farm it depends on the facility, because some of them have even luxury rooms.

Travelling and connect with nature

Airbnb is cheaper than hotels

Airbnb is a platform that helps you find out a furnished place where to stay while you are traveling. The greatest benefit of this type of accommodation is that it offers more amenities than a hotel and it can be rented at a lower price. If you plan to spend a week or more in the same place then you can benefit from the comfort of a house without spending more than for your entire trip.

If you are a solo traveler you may not find this option affordable, it works great for groups. Another benefit you will get if you use this facility is that you have access to a kitchen, therefore you can cook your own food and you can make savings. If this is the first time you are using this type of app, then you can check the landlord with the help of a people search app. It will offer you all the details you need to understand if they are reliable and it can bring you peace of mind.

It is actually recommended to check the persons who offer you accommodation, no matter if we are talking about an app like Airbnb, a home exchange program, or a hospitality exchange. With a few clicks, you will understand if the person who offers you accommodation is trustworthy and if they are who they state they are. Check their employment history, their license records, and their lawsuit records to find complete information about them.

Hospitality exchanges are free

A free accommodation option is a hospitality exchange, you will share the place with a local and you will not have to pay a dollar. The advantage is that they will offer you local information, and they can guide you to what tourist attractions to check. If you have the opportunity to stay with a local, you will learn more about the local culture and you will grow your social skills. You can find online multiple websites that offer you access to this type of accommodation. And if you are not sure if the option is safe you should know that the persons who are willing to share their houses with strangers who are interested in their area are very open-minded people. They are probably former travelers who want to help people discover new places.

The websites that offer access to hospitality exchange take multiple actions of verification to make sure that the accommodation facilities are safe and they allow the users to leave comments and rate their profiles of the users. However, verification always helps; therefore, you should not forget about this aspect.

Hostels offer you a dorm-similar experience

If you have never had the possibility to stay in a dorm but you have always wanted to have that experience, you have the opportunity to try it now if you will stay in a hostel. And if you have ever heard the myth that hostels are dirty then you should know that it is a false assumption, because the majority of hostels offer more amenities than some hotels. You will benefit from a locker for your belongings, a bar, Wi-Fi, a bathroom, and many other features.

If you want to travel on a budget then this can be one of the most affordable solutions for you. The bigger the room you will have to share with other travelers the lower will be the fee. If you are traveling with your group of friends then you can rent an entire dorm and you will not have to share it with strangers. Check for the hostels that set age limitations if you do not want to share your bedroom with a senior for example.

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