Kitchen Furniture Trends for Fall 2019

With every new season comes a change of weather but also a change in home décor trends. Despite all of these changes, one thing that you can always be sure to remain practical and in high demand is custom made solid wood furniture.

With custom made designs, you get the ability to adapt to smaller fashion trends while ensuring that you’re picking an option that will remain highly functional. Keeping this advice in mind, here are some of the latest new developments for this season and some suggestions on how to incorporate them into your solid wood furniture choices.


Open Shelving

One of the latest new interior décor choices of 2019 has been to allow more of your stylish kitchenware to remain on display in various locations around your cooking areas. Since the stovetop can quickly get cluttered, many people have started to accommodate their kitchen to this practice by introducing open shelving through the area to help generate more display space.

When it comes to furniture choices, this practice lends itself to a few options. Firstly, shelving is often built out of solid wood itself, so if you have built-in shelves, you can match your other kitchen furniture – such as your resilient hand crafted kitchen tables – to the color and texture of the display shelves. Secondly, you could take the practice one step further and save money on renovations by using large bookshelves as cookware display units, rather than built-in shelving.


Rustic Accents

We said that solid wood is simple always in style in one fashion or another, and we weren’t kidding! This year, kitchens are seeing the return of solid wood in the form of accents. You can incorporate the vintage look into your kitchen in so many ways that it’s impossible to keep track, but a few options that have become newly popularized lately include:

  • Kitchen Stools
  • Mid-century Furniture
  • Vintage Statement Appliances
  • Antique Lighting Designs
  • Live Edge or Reclaimed Wood

Stone surfaces, like solid wood, seem to be timeless no matter what new trends come and go, so buying items made out of these materials is a safe bet for the long-term.

Kitchen Islands and Bespoke Larders

Whether their popularity waxes or wanes, we never seem to be able to shake the draw that people always seem to have toward kitchen islands. Given that kitchen islands also provide a much-needed increase in counter space and storage, they also fulfill a practical function. The recent trend towards installing bespoke larders and pantries only further reflects the draw towards including everything vintage into the modern kitchen.


Design features like the most popular colors for painted cabinets and various finishes will continue to fluctuate through different years, but one thing you can be sure of is that finely made solid wood furniture will always look gorgeous in any kitchen. If you’re currently upgrading your kitchen for the Fall, consider adding a solid wood kitchen table, buffet hutch or cabinet.

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