Top Kitchen Interior Design Trends and Ideas

The kitchen industry is thriving—giving rise to innovations. It’s exciting to see how trends are shaping the kitchen industry.

So, if you are a timeless interior lover, you must have heard about the trends that are shaping the kitchen industry in 2020.

However, if you haven’t, it isn’t too late. You can still catch up on these trends and become a kitchen-forward guy. Here are the top kitchen trends that are poised to change the whole kitchen industry landscape in 2020.

Layered Lighting

Since layered lighting was introduced into the market, nobody is willing to turn back. Working with different light levels allows designers to create an excellent atmosphere they couldn’t before.

Aside from interior design, task, and accent lighting are now being woven into the kitchen’s blueprint. Thanks to this new trend that has made crannies and dark nooks a thing of the past.

Open-Plan Kitchen Based Remodel

Every homeowner would want to incorporate an open-plan area into their kitchen’s design. Ever-changing interior layouts have quickly shifted from ancient cubicle-like spaces to wall-less living. Modern households rely heavily on zoning through shelving as well as furniture to create a unique area in a home.

In fact, open-plan is most people’s priority. Architects and interior designers are taking the best trends and continually remodeling the kitchen layout to incorporate storage, seamless flow, as well as smart technology into modern-day homes.

Open Shelving Design

2020 cannot forget 2019. That’s why you should occasionally revisit the styles and trends that shaped the past. For instance, Kitchen Open Shelving isn’t that new. It existed. However, it’s still becoming a hit.

If you don’t want a clogged and cluttered kitchen, then this trend can be a good inspiration. Invest in it and instantly uplift your kitchen space.

Bold, Colorful Pops Kitchen Trend

Shelving has not been in the limelight in the past few years. It had taken the back seat. However, in the 1950s, it emerged as a great kitchen trend.

The best thing about the shelving trend is that it’s contemporary as well as minimalistic. Plus, it’s highly functional. This, you can bring it into your kitchen and instantly elevate it.

The Power of Tiles

Tiles are becoming a common trend in the kitchen industry. They are redefining interiors. They are bringing new possibilities. With tiles, you have a colorful feature featuring Mexican tiles backsplashes, etc. The possibilities with tiles are endless.

Talk of subway tiles, checkered floor tiles, and many more. In a nutshell, tile is quickly becoming a hot trend in the kitchen industry. So, if you haven’t given them a try, this is the time. They will make your kitchen even better.

For instance, the backsplash design offers you a practical, replaceable, as well as durable solution to the walls and floors in the kitchen. Plus, they come in different materials. From concrete, cork, and grass, to ceramic—the options are many. They allow you to make your kitchen fresh and inviting.

Why You Need the Breakfast Bar

Do you have a breakfast bar? Well, you are missing a lot. With a breakfast bar, you have space where you can enjoy the comfort you need while boosting your nutrition life. Bring a dining table. Then create a kitchen island.

In the kitchen bar, you can incorporate house cabinets—which can be used as casual seating. It can also act as entertainment within your kitchen. Bring pendant lights to this space—they can evaluate them.

Why Don’t You Invest in Kitchen Cabinets?

You thought shaker kitchen cabinets were dead? Think again. Kitchen cabinets come with door fronts featuring a five-panel shaker based style. Shakers represented a religious sect that believed in doing things by themselves. They believed in minimal living. Thus, they used to construct furniture by themselves.

The Butcher’s Block Counters Are So Inspiring

If you want a great kitchen designer, then invest in kitchen block counters. This trend involves using nicely cut wood. This style is both functional and aesthetically appealing in modern kitchens. It can perfectly complement pots and pans.

What About a Modern Italian Based Wood Kitchen?

Bring the Italian vibe into your kitchen. With an Italian wood kitchen, you have a trend that will not only improve your kitchen style but also make it more functional. It offers a rustic style. It will inspire you to be more creative as far as cooking food is concerned.

Model Amelia

The Amelia design involves the use of different materials such as solid wood granite and vitrified stoneware. If you opt for this style, you’ll end up with a modern Italian kitchen that’s outfitted with matching stools.

Frames plus countertops are uniquely created to deliver a unique and elegant feel. If you are so much into this design, hire Kitchen fitters based in Glasgow and bring life back into your kitchen.

Minimalist Modern Kitchen Featuring Island & High Furniture Will Uplift Your Kitchen

Storage space is extremely important in a kitchen. Cupboards plus tall furniture provide enough room for you to keep as many things as you want. The latest trend in modern kitchens is the use of high-quality stainless steel appliances as well as furniture.

And the metallic color is often associated with hygiene, cleanliness, and sophistication, which is exactly why this fashion is so strong. There are numerous ideas to choose from that can help you decorate your home. It all depends on your personal preferences.

The Bottom-Line

A kitchen is an important space in any home. With a kitchen, you have a space for preparing those delicious meals. Plus, you can set up small dining in your kitchen. In a nutshell, a kitchen is all you need to stay healthy.

However, a poorly constructed kitchen won’t lift your cooking mood. That’s why you should pay close attention to how you set up the interiors.

From lighting to the cabinets, working on the interiors of your kitchen is important. The above trends will inspire your kitchen remodeling—elevating it into an exciting space. Make the right decision. Good luck!

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