Kitchen Trends For 2020

Crossing into a new year doesn’t mean that the air or circumstances around us change. Still, thanks to the culture and tradition that has permeated virtually every part of the world, a new year is often viewed as an opportunity to make a fresh start or explore new things. What better place to set the tone than in arguably the most important living space in your home i.e. the kitchen?

The new year often comes with new design trends and 2020 is unlikely to be any different. Chasing and adopting trends might feel a little like a fleeting pursuit, especially when it comes to home design since you don’t expect to make changes every year. Still, some of the following kitchen trends look like remaining fresh and relevant for years to come.

Two-Toned Kitchen

Forget the monotony of single hue kitchens. In 2020, expect to see more kitchens adopting a theme containing two (or more for the adventurous) colors. And it’s already happening. A dual-color kitchen adds a captivating twist to the kitchen’s aesthetic and can dramatically transform the ambiance of the room.

Not just any color combination will do though. You’ll be better off opting for dark, deep hues and contrasting them with brighter colors to add character and depth. Contrasting is more than just having different colors on different kitchen walls. It has to be more elaborate and encompass cabinets, shelves, worktops, and prominent appliances.

Smart Storage

Kitchen Smart Storage

Like any other room in the home, the kitchen is prone to getting overwhelmed by clutter. And while this is a problem anywhere it occurs in the house, it’s especially risky in the kitchen. You have everything from cooking equipment to kitchen ingredients. Kitchen clutter not only breeds chaos but also increases the risk of more serious hazards such as food contamination.

To effectively declutter, storage is key. But storage has sometimes inadvertently marred overall kitchen design. In 2020, concealed, well-placed storage is the way to go. The kitchen larder is bound to become one of the most desired features of kitchen design.

Green Cabinetry

Over the past few years, bold dark hues like navy have been a popular theme color in kitchens. 2020 should see the beginning of a shift to green hues. It could be in the form of accents like botanicals and palm fronds wallpapers. However, it is more likely to take the form of cabinetry and tiles in tones of forest green and emerald.

Green can be luxurious and dramatic in the kitchen. Deep forest greens balanced out by soft metallic, smoky glass and later shades bring an opulent feel to the kitchen. The addition of brass and white marble through accessories and aspects like worktops and lighting helps offset heavier hues and bounce light around the space. Green cabinetry, of course, doesn’t mean there’ll no longer be space for solid wood kitchen cabinets like this one from best online cabinets.

Brooding Blue Hues

Whilst green is promising to be a front runner in the race for the new kitchen theme’s favorite color, navy blue could come a close second in 2020. Midnight blue is one of the more dramatic and sophisticated color choices for kitchens.

There’s been a surge in searches for brooding blue kitchens on Pinterest. Not surprising when you consider that navy blue stands out especially well when paired with silver accents and juxtaposed against light worktops.

Statement Taps

Taps are one of the most theme-defining fixtures in the kitchen. No kitchen design is truly complete without tastefully crafted taps. This year, industrial-looking, brass taps with interesting features and unusual handles are proving to be a great way to complement the kitchen space and draw the eye.

Such a bold tap design, however, requires some bit of caution to avoid going overboard. Keep the look streamlined and pair it with similar finishes for your draw grips and cupboards to ensure a consistent aesthetic.

Concealed Appliances

Concealed Appliances

Each year seems to come with a new type of must-have appliance for the kitchen. But even as the kitchen experiences a growing accumulation of gadgets, it’s not necessary to see them. 2020 should mark the steady growth in the appetite for discreet appliance storage. Homeowners are increasingly scrutinizing the visual appeal of their kitchen appliances and going for concealment solutions that create streamlined finishes that don’t impact overall style.

Appliance concealment can be in the form of a simple cabinet to hide the dishwasher or refrigerator, a hidden station to ensure the toaster and kettle don’t clutter the worktop or a storage design that lowers the visibility of small countertop appliances.

Let 2020 be the year that you give your kitchen that trendy remodel that you’ve always hoped to do.

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