Know About Partial Dentures And Its Pros And Cons: A Brief Guide

Technological advancement has made it possible to help you by introducing dentures into the dental industry.  The term denture defines the detachable substitute that is used for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. In dentistry, two types of dentures are available i.e. complete or full denture which is used for entirely missing teeth, and partial dentures which are used when a portion of the natural teeth remain.

Partial Dentures

Get a comprehensive idea about partial dentures

Partial dentures are the dental appliances that are used when one or several teeth missing in order to re-establish the functionality and the structure of the jaw. Usually, partial dentures are prepared by combining metal and acrylic, also there are sometimes only acrylic is used to prepare them.

Dentures made from the combination of metal and acrylic are sturdy and look natural. They also provide the required strength for chewing and speaking. Full acrylic dentures are structurally less durable in comparison to the previous one. However, you require to visit a dentist like Dr. Pamela Li Dental Clinic in Ottawa to know about the right denture for you to match your requirements.

partial dentures Ideas

Types of partial dentures

  • Partial dentures are categorized into two types namely; fixed partial denture and removable partial denture. Factors like the surrounding gap of the teeth are a factor on the basis of which the right denture is prescribed.
  • These are also termed as dental bridge implant. The fixed partial denture is attached to artificial teeth permanently and directly to the jaw or under the gum tissue. A dental crown or dental implants used for the fixture.
  • Removable partial dentures are used to cover the gap between two healthy teeth. Here the replacement teeth are attached to a plastic base look like the gum. In addition, removable partial dentures are joined by a metal framework to maintain its stability. These dentures are also known as a removable dental bridge.

Importance of partial dentures

You may wonder why partial dentures are important. Well, when we lose one or more teeth it affects the mouth. To fill the gap, they may start to move and the soft tissue, as well as the supporting bone close to the missing teeth, may begin to shrink.

This does not only create a negative impact on your appearance but at the same time, you may also suffer subsequent problems with your other teeth. In such circumstances, the partial denture maintains apt functionality. The gums, the jawbone, and the facial muscles keep them in their respective places and prevent further shifting of the other teeth.

Know about the pros and cons of partial dentures

Following are the pros and cons associated with partial dentures:


  • Partial dentures coast effective measures for missing teeth. They do not simply prevent the teeth shifting but at the same time reduce the stress of the jaw
  • Unlike the full dentures, these dentures follow a less time-consuming process. Check-up and preparation of the dentures are completed within the same day.
  • Partial dentures or causes no harm to the teeth adjoining to the missing one. They maintain the shape of the face and diminish the risk of periodontal disease.


  • A significant amount of time is required to get accustomed to the partial dentures. Sometimes wearing them can be uncomfortable too as the size of them are larger than natural teeth.
  • In addition, as a large section of the roof of the mouth is covered by these dentures hence it may affect the speech and the other function of the mouth.
  • Wearing partial dentures might harm the taste buds as well and it makes the user vulnerable towards mouth infection if dentures are not used with proper care.
  • Maintenance takes lots of effort and people do not usually have the time to invest in cleaning them.

Partial dentures are not the ultimate solution to missing teeth. Though they can help you to an extent the bone in the missing teeth area continues to shrink. Hence it requires to be replaced frequently as dentures become loose with passing time.

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