Know Your Device. 9 Tips for Students to Pick a Smartphone

If you don't follow the updates on the smartphone market all the time, then choosing the right device can be rather difficult. In order not to regret a purchase

If you don’t follow the updates on the smartphone market all the time, then choosing the right device can be rather difficult. In order not to regret a purchase, it is necessary to assess many factors and characteristics.

From operating system to battery capacity, let’s figure out what to look out for before buying a phone. Here, you will learn how to pick out a device that is right for you, based on your needs and preferences.

Pick a Smartphone

Screen Size and Dimensions

As a rule, the mass of smartphones is 20–40 g, so you shouldn’t pay attention to it. The same goes for thickness – for most devices, this parameter doesn’t exceed a centimeter.

Instead, let’s focus on the display size. It’s where your comfort matters most. Many users use the screen with one hand in a comfortable way if it is less than six inches. But for surfing the Internet and watching videos, such a display may be too small.

Of course, it might not be very convenient to hold a phone with a bigger screen, but it can display more information. To choose the best option for yourself, it is best to get your hands on a device before you purchase it.

Also, some smartphones have an almost non-existent frame around the display. Obviously, a device with a smaller frame will be more comfortable to use, especially if you read a lot. Booklovers will certainly appreciate the Chennai libraries website – there, you can find various fiction books.

There are also plenty of helpful courses available on and similar websites. From computer science to law and graphic design – everyone can find something for themselves. And it’s best to have a perfectly sized screen to be able to enjoy all that content.


Operating System

The battle between Android or iOS seems like it will never end. Both systems have their pros and cons.

Let’s start with the price range. One of the best things about Android is that it runs hundreds of models that fit any budget and need. Thus, if your funds are limited, consider buying a relatively cheap smartphone with an Android system. Users looking for a solid balance between the price and the performance.

However, when it comes to iPhones, there are no budget or mid-priced models. IOS smartphones are considered to be a part of the premium segment.

As for the updates, all iPhones are getting regular updates and are supported for far longer than their competitors. Also, Apple is known to be fixing software problems and adding new features regularly. On the other hand, Android devices sometimes take a long time to update or don’t update at all.

Another benefit of iOS is good optimization – no third-party vendors interfere with iOS. Given the fact that there aren’t many iPhone models, it is convenient for application developers to optimize the code.

The situation is different with Android. Many brands change this system to suit their needs. Some tend to add a graphical user interface. Besides, some apps and various functions are often unnecessary. If the manufacturer makes these changes in the wrong way, then the device’s performance suffers.

Ask your friends, which side they are on – iOS or Android? But be ready for a lengthy dispute, so you’d better start this discussion after you figure out other important issues (for example, whether your group mates are going to use ASA citation format for the next research paper).

There are various citation styles, and on you can learn more about them. This way, you won’t be confused with organizing citing sources and materials.



Let’s face it, the glass-covered phone looks nice even though it’s not too practical. After all, a fragile material is easily scratched and broken. So, the aesthetic value is lost when all fingerprints on the phone are visible.

Plastic is a more advantageous material. It is convenient to hold it in hand, plus, falls are less critical to these smartphones due to the plastic’s elasticity.

Of course, if you are going to buy a phone case, then most of the shortcomings of different materials will not be that crucial for you.

With a brilliant scholarship, you can afford any phone case and stop worrying about the scratches on your device. There are many scholarship opportunities these days, and many students catch themselves thinking: “Is scholarshipowl good for me?”. It’s recommended to do your research and read as much as you can on the subject before you make any life-changing decisions.


Display Matrix Type

The main display matrices these days are IPS and OLED. IPS-matrices are known for excellent color rendering, high contrast and viewing angles up to 178 °. In OLED screens, each pixel is a source of light, which eliminates the need for additional backlighting. As a result, OLED displays are bright and energy-efficient.

To choose between IPS and OLED, take two smartphones in hand, watch the same video – and you will immediately see the difference.


Screen Resolution

Manufacturers tend to increase this parameter to mention more attractive numbers in the device’s characteristics. However, the difference between 2K and 4K resolutions is not easy to notice. Plus, a 4K screen will drain your battery faster.

3G, 4G, or 5G

3G networks are known to provide high speeds, sufficient for streaming videos. 4G is even faster and almost every smartphone supports both technologies.

In addition, there are already 5G devices on the market. The data transfer speed of 5G is impressive – theoretically, you can download HD movies in seconds.

However, the technology is just being introduced and it will take a couple of years for it to become widespread. Therefore, 5G support in the phone isn’t something you want to focus on – 3G or 4G will be enough.


Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, the weakest point of any smartphone is its battery life. A device with a battery of 2,500-3,000 mAh that is actively used throughout the day, can barely make it to the evening, even if it was fully charged at night.

If you are often on the road or simply forget to take the charger with you, consider buying a gadget, with a battery capacity that exceeds 3,000 mAh. If it is an Android device – go for 4,000 mAh and more.

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