Knowing the Right Time to Wear Your Cocktail Attire

One of the worst fashion moments for anyone is getting overdressed or underdressed for a particular occasion. It usually creates a general feeling of discomfort not just to the wearer but to the beholder as well. This feeling is particularly worse for cocktail parties.

On the contrary, wearing the appropriate attire for a cocktail party sets the mood for a relaxed and comfortable interaction with other attendees.

If you are wondering when you can wear cocktail attire, these ceremonies include:

  • Celebrations by royal persons
  • Weddings
  • Class reunions
  • Holiday parties
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Corporate parties

Generally, cocktail attire would mean a dark suit and a tie for men and a classic party dress or skirt for women.

If you are wondering what counts for cocktail attire or the appropriate attire to wear for your next cocktail party, this post is going to give you good suggestions.

For Men

For an older, more conservative host, the classy man is always better off in a pair of dark-colored, well-tailored suits matched with a solid-colored shirt and a tie. This can be further enhanced with a pair of dark-colored laced shoes with dark socks.

For a younger host, your overall look can be matched with trendy elements such as a pocket square, knit tie, and colored socks. For footwear, loafers or lace-up brogues will create a suitable fashion statement for the event.

For Women

Women are generally better off with the following kinds of cocktail dresses and evening wear:

1. Lace cocktail dresses

Lace cocktail dresses are among the most preferred kinds for most trendy women. This is because lace has a unique feminine appeal and gives off this lady-like behavior to the wearer.

2. Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Strapless cocktail dresses and evening wear always draw attention to a woman’s tender shoulders and set a sharp contrast with the solid, squared shoulders of the gentlemen in their suits. They are particularly suitable for women with hourglass body shapes. The heightened feminine appeal they usually portray exudes a smooth gracefulness that most men will appreciate.

3. Embellished Cocktail Dresses

These kinds of dresses are usually elaborately designed and are most suitable for festive events. They also go well for events that will be hosted or attended by royal persons.

4. A-Line Cocktail Dresses

A-line cocktail dresses are very trendy, flirty, and glamorous silhouettes for classy women. They can be worn strapless, spaghetti strapped, cap-sleeved, or with any other design.

5. Long-sleeved Cocktail Dresses

Interestingly, long-sleeved cocktail dresses are very trendy for tall women as they make them look incredibly elegant and stately.

Depending on the occasion, choose a cocktail dress that is either above or at the knees. There are also dresses with embellishments and unique cuts, and there are also those that are plain and simple.

The bottom line is that cocktail attire is appropriate for events that are not really formal but are also not too casual at the same time. It is more about hitting that exciting balance.

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