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LabTAG is a division of GA International focused on supplying durable label solutions to the biomedical and healthcare fields. With over twenty years of experience as a label manufacturer, LabTAG has a vast catalog of products, featuring several specialty lab labels. Founded by a researcher, LabTAG has always had a strong dedication to research and development and has grown into a worldwide leader in distributing cryogenic and chemical-resistant labels.


Laboratory Labels

Laboratory labels provided by LabTAG are designed to withstand the harshest environments encountered in scientific labs without failing or smearing. This includes an assortment of cryo labels that can withstand long-term storage in liquid nitrogen tanks and ultra-low temperature freezers. These cryogenic labels are compatible with your choice of label printer, either digital or thermal, and are supplied in rolls and sheets. Their cryo labels are also available in various specialty formats, such as cryogenic lab labels that adhere to already frozen surfaces, metal surfaces, cryo straws, as well as clear, blackout, and piggyback formats.

LabTAG also offers various laboratory labels designed for other applications, such as chemical-resistance, sterilization, general use, and healthcare. Their chemical-resistant labels are perfect for identifying microscope slides and paraffin blocks used throughout histology, particularly for staining protocols and xylene exposure. Their high-heat laboratory labels are ideally suited for scientific labs and clinics that routinely sterilize their material and equipment, as they withstand a variety of sterilization protocols, including steam autoclaves, dry-heat ovens, gamma irradiation, and ethylene oxide chambers.


Custom Solutions

LabTAG also believes in putting the customer first. As such, they offer free customer and technical support before, during, and after your purchase. Their knowledgeable customer support team is composed of scientists and researchers with experience across multiple biomedical disciplines. Through their years of work in various scientific labs, they have become experts in a variety of laboratory technologies and applications, as well as the identification requirements needed in the lab and industry.

They are also available to help you design a unique custom labeling solution if it does not already exist. From the choice of durable materials, adhesive type, and selection of topcoat and varnish options, they will help design and test a label that will meet your exact specifications. LabTAG also offers free samples of all their lab labels, so you can test them before you buy them. This ensures you can buy with confidence, knowing the labels will work for your needs.


Complete Printing Services

LabTAG offers comprehensive label printing solutions designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows in order to keep your operations running smoothly. They have a wide selection of the best thermal printers available from the top brands, such as Zebra, cab, and DYMO. Complete printing kits are available that can include a thermal printer, a high-quality ribbon, your choice of labels, barcoding software, and a barcode scanner. This makes setting up your lab with a complete printing solution easy and hassle-free that you can be sure will help keep your inventory in check, manage your samples, and work well with your existing laboratory information management system (LIMS).

LabTAG also provides comprehensive label printing services if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. They can use laser, inkjet, flexographic, direct thermal, and thermal transfer printing methods to print your laboratory labels to your exact specifications. They can also perform various specialty printing services, such as printing on the adhesive side and double-sided printing, or offer unique constructs, like holographic foil and laminated labels. This includes printing from a supplied database, variable data printing, and printing 1D/2D barcodes. They also have a barcode grading service to ensure their barcodes are always high-quality and meet industry standards.

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