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Laminate flooring is a great alternative to wooden flooring. It is less expensive when compared to that of wooden flooring. Every home décor trends change from year to year. You must keep your home updated with the latest trends in design. In recent days, laminate flooring is said to be taken off in the construction industry. Many homeowners prefer laminate flooring for their homes. Here are the latest trends in laminate flooring you need to check out to get your home updated.

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Nowadays, wood floorings are seen everywhere. You have several options like ceramic tile, vinyl, etc.  Now you may have thought that laminate flooring may stay out of trend. But the answer is “NO”.

Laminate flooring is said to be the most popular choice among several homeowners. With enormous development in technology, laminate flooring is said to successfully replace solid hardwood flooring. Nowadays several homeowners consider the laminate floor as the best option to increase the value of your home. If you’re dreaming of wooden flooring in your home, then laminate flooring is the right choice.

Laminate flooring gained a lot of popularity in the 80s. Since the planks sounded echoey and hollow, many people felt that these planks sounded unrealistic and cheap. They also didn’t have any good designs or colors. But now the days have changed laminate floorings are considered to mimic the current trend of solid hardwood flooring.

These laminate flooring help in recreating solid hardwood in an affordable and easy-to-maintain manner. Manufacturers of laminate floors always think out of the box and choose different styles of laminate trends to match the current trends of 2020.

Laminate Floor

What Experts Say

  • In the world of laminate flooring, there are so many incredible possibilities that were not open to several manufacturers, until ten years ago. The hottest trends usually seen are brighter shades, that have wider planks and designs with a rustic feel that looks like wood. As far as what to foresee in 2020, lighter wood types are unquestionably on the rise, along with planks that feel and look more like wood.  Since the quality of laminates is improving day to day, several homeowners love to get the look and feel of the laminate.  Since most people are looking for an eco-friendly look in their homes, laminate flooring is considered to be a great choice.

Choosing elongated planks that measure 6 to 8 inches long will provide a versatile look to your floors Wire brushed and hand-scraped are just a few new options in flooring. These kinds of textures give a more natural look to the floor. When compared to areas of heavy foot traffic, a laminate floor is a perfect choice for affordable and durable flooring.

  • A flooring design can spice up the entire look of your home.  You can choose from classic flooring to printed flooring that can add drama to your space. Always choose to use pattern tiles if you have a big room.

As you can see, you are open to a lot of choices in the laminate floor industry nowadays; you will have more unique options that will surely stick on to be a good choice for years to come. You must always take the help of professionals who can help you to lay the flooring effectively. Only a professional can help you decide on the best flooring that will suit the theme of your home or organization. Laminate flooring is a perfect choice if you’re looking for some high quality and affordable flooring for your home without compromising the beauty.

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