Law Firm Listing: The Top Attorney Directory Sites for Your Law Firm

If your law firm is not listed on an online directory, it’s high time this changed! Here are some of the best attorney directory sites to list your law firm on.

It doesn’t matter what type of law you practice, if you can’t be found online, your practice doesn’t exist.

More than half of people between 18-34 and over 40% of people between 35-44 will go online to find an attorney before asking for a referral.

Your site needs to be found online, but how you can make sure that your business is listed in the right places? Take a look at these attorney directory sites.

The Advantages of Directory Listings

There are a couple of reasons why being listed in law firm business directories is good for business. The first is that people who know your name already can easily find your business.

The second is for search engine optimization. You’re creating links back to your website with each listing, and that can help boost your rankings.

Top Directories for Law Firms

Which directories does your practice have to appear in? Check out these sites and get listed.

Google MyBusiness

Out of all of the law firm directories, this one is going to be the most important. Most people will use Google when they’re looking for an attorney online.

Some searches will be along the lines of “bankruptcy attorney near me.” When you have a complete listing on Google, your practice will appear in those search results if they are located near your office.


Again, this isn’t an attorney specific directory, but it is very good to do to be found by people searching on Bing.

Better Business Bureau

A Better Business Bureau listing with a positive grade is a great way to build trust with people immediately.

Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Some searchers will look to the local chamber of commerce to find an attorney who can help them out.

It could also be to your advantage if you belong to a large and active chamber. Chamber members prefer to support other chamber members. This could be a big boost in business if you’re an attorney who serves other businesses.

How to Fill out Your Directory Listing

In some spaces, you just fill out your business name, address, website, and phone number. Others give you a lot of space to talk about your business and add photos.

What is it about working with you that your clients love? Those are the things that you want to talk about. You also want to make sure you add sharp, professional photos to make a great first impression.

Ask for Reviews

It’s not enough to have a great-looking listing. You have to back that up with reviews from your clients. Reviews are the best way to build trust with people who are looking for your services online.

Once you have that trust, you’re likely to get phone calls and inquiries from your directory listings.

Get Your Business Listed in an Attorney Directory

If you want to have your law practice in front of potential clients when they need your services, you have to be listed online. You shouldn’t limit yourself to just one attorney directory. You may also check Top-rated Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer.

Being listed in multiple directories can help your search rankings and show up near the top of search results.

Be sure you check out this site often for more business and marketing articles to help your law practice grow.

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