Lead Generation for Roofers

Many roofing businesses today are faced with the problem of creating or generating quality leads that would help them to make more sales. Many times they find themselves testing many “proven” methods without seeing any change in their sales. Before going further to highlight the many lead generation method for roofers, let us define what a lead is.

A lead or sale lead is a potential buyer of a product or service that is created when a business provides information about the service it is offering or the product it is selling. Most times these sales leads are generated through paid advertising or other marketing endeavors.

There are a number of ways to generate roofing leads as you would find out as you continue with reading this article.


Ways to generate leads for roofers:

● Met your potential customers face to face

Although it might sound cliché meeting with people face to face still works really well. With face to face meetings, you get to answer all the questions that the customer might have at an instant.

Before you go canvassing you be prepared for anything that the potential customer might throw to you, you also need to be on time if the meeting is a pre-arranged appointment. Also, don’t forget to follow up on any interest shown.

The best time to meet people one on one is usually after a storm when your services are needed the most.


● Local SEO

If you have a website it is best to get your local SEO worked up. SEO is a priceless way of getting you’re your potential client to know about your roofing business. The importance of the local SEO is that it helps your business to be easily found by those in your locality.

If fixing your local SEO seems too much as a task for you then you could hire someone to help you with it.


● Facebook Advertising

With over a billion registered users Facebook serves as a great avenue of lead generation for roofers.  With the right strategy, Facebook can have a lot of positive effects on your business.

Facebook advertising works very well with other lead generation methods. It helps you target potential customers who visited your site on Facebook.


● Content Marketing

It has been said that “content is king”. This is true especially if you want to generate leads that would continue to come back and use your services.

Content marketing involves creating useful and relevant content either by means of a blog post, video, or podcast that helps your customer to get what they are looking for. When people see that you provide real value to them they are more likely to trust you and even tell others about you.


● Trade Shows

At trade shows, you get to collaborate with other roofers, create awareness about your business, and ultimately generate leads that convert to more sales for your business.

An important thing to reminder when attending trade shows is that you need to create value. This cannot be overemphasized. You need to give people something that they would find valuable, it could be free items, coupons, or the likes.

You also need to follow up on the interest that you notice so that more leads are generated.



This is by no means an exhaustive list on lead generation for roofers as there are many other ways by which leads can be generated. This list, however, contains best practices that have helped many roofers get their businesses up and running.


To best implement, these methods, hire a professional who has experience in using each of the mentioned lead generation methods.

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