Leather Pants Are The Next Big Thing For The Decade

Leather pants are perhaps some of the most controversial leg-piece known to man and they will always be here with us. This is a style synonymous with rockstars and by wearing leather pants it seems like you are summoning up the spirits of hair-sprayed rockstars.

Are you an adventurous fashion lover who doesn’t like to have their options limited? Here you can check how to integrate black leather pants into your everyday wear without looking completely ridiculous. You can wear leather pants to a party, to restaurants, and high-end fashion events.


Leather pants are here to stay

Recently we have seen an upsurge in sleek leather pant designs amongst millennials. Even the most humble of men are willing to give the pants a try. So it’s a hurrah for this style season thanks to leather pants which are a must-grab takeaway for the decade.

One of the main reasons why leather pants have come into prominence over the last couple of years is the stylish utility they provide. A lot of people think that leather pants are uncomfortable but on the contrary, not only are they super comfortable but easy to style too. Leather pants are badass and will keep you warm and toasty during winter.


What to wear with leather pants

If you haven’t tried leather pants before, you most probably don’t know how to pull them off. But don’t you worry – we’ll show you how to wear your leather pants the right way. Here are some leather pants styling ideas:

1- Sophisticated/Professional look

Leather pants are a striking piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe. But what do you wear leather pants to the office?

The easiest way to make your leather pants look sophisticated and appropriate for the office is by pairing them with a classy blazer. Alternatively, you can pair the pants with a soft blouse, a collared shirt, or a sweater overtop. Do you see how a simple piece of clothing makes you look fashion-forward and ooze confidence?


2- Casual look

Leather pants are usually worn casually especially when you’re going to the movies or shopping. They are just as comfortable as any other pair of pants in your closet. Pair the leather pants with a standard or oversized sweater. This casual look would be fantastic for a coffee date.


3- Effortlessly stylish

What would you pair with leather pants and look effortlessly stylish? Try a shirt, an ordinary t-shirt, or a denim jacket. Leather never goes wrong whenever it’s paired with denim. This old-as-time look is a classic that never disappoints. It’s sophisticated yet a little casual; it’ll have you looking fresh aesthetic and crisp.


Balanced look

Whether you want to look sophisticated and professional, casual, or effortlessly stylish, the secret is to aim for balance in your appearance. Usually, leather pants bring a “roughness” and edge to whatever you pair them with. It’s advisable that you choose something that balances out the rough edges of your outfit and brings modern simplicity to the overall look.

A balanced look creates a balance between the soft and hard aspects of your clothing to maintain an edgy and modern vibe. To do this, try mixing various textures of the outfit.


What shoes should I wear with leather pants?

Shoes are a key factor of any outfit. It can be quite a dilemma when it comes to deciding what shoes to pair with your leather pants. In this case, leather boots are definitely out of question considering that you already have a leather-thingy going on and different types of leather can clash.

Our safest bet would be a pair of suede boots. Their texture is soft and this counteracts the “harshness” of the leather. You can choose from a wide selection of closed, thick-heeled, and toed boots.



We’re now living in a world where style rules above all and today’s stylish leather pants go beyond suburban swag lords and rock stars. Today leather pants have become so acceptable and embraced by the society that you now find them on people with “serious” professions like news anchors, teachers, and CEOs. We hope that soon we can see accountants, postmen, and chartered surveyors wearing them loud and proud.

This season is definitely head-over-heels for leather. There is a wide range of leather pants designs and options for anyone who is into that sort of style. Owning a pair of leather pants is a lot useful than most people assume as they can be worn however and wherever you want.

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