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State Law in the UK requires every person involved in a crash on a public road or a parking lot to inform the incident to the police. The hit-and-run statute imposes legal duties to stay back on the scene, talk to the investigators, emergency medical personnel when the injuries happen, and provide first aid to those who got injured. Contact Insync insurance to know more about driver’s negligence insurance

The rules equally apply to the person who is responsible for the crash and for the victim. One of the implications of this is that the victim of the collision may get charged with driving away after the collision. Another is that failing to call may complicate the claim process of the insurance, as no official police report will be generated.

Leaving a note on a car parked may protect the responsible driver. The person who returns to a damaged car will not experience problems for failing to report immediately about the incident.


How A Victim Of A Hit And Run Can Face Blame?

Imagine a four-wheeler in a line at an intersection. A truck driver fails to break in time when reaching the red light. He hits at the back of a car pushing the car into the traffic crossing from a side street with the green light. If the person in the car and the truck driver both take off without checking the people in the other cars, without giving the insurance information, and statements to law enforcement officers, and not calling 911, both may be charged with the offense that the court calls leaving the scene of the accident.


Problems With Hit – Skip Victim – Blaming

Even if the person driving the vehicle was a victim of the negligence of the truck driver, he has to comply with the hit-and-run law to avoid criminal consequences. The victim may have panicked or assumed that he didn’t require to stick around as the truck driver was completely at fault. The court and the police would not be inclined to accept any excuse at face value, so getting a hit and run defense lawyer will be a better idea for the driver.

Besides the legal concern, staying on the scene would help the driver to get scared from coming under suspicion of causing the wreck and causing any injuries. Getting accused of instigating a hit and run collision may make a filing on insurance claims impossible. Insurers work hard to deny claims from a driver at fault.



So if you had a car accident recently, it is necessary to hire a good lawyer. If you are injured in an accident you need a professional that may represent you in a court of law. The professional ensures that all the paperwork is accurate and complete. It will be easier for you to negotiate with the insurance provider.

Also talking to a lawyer who defends the hit-and-run may help in a situation such as this. The lawyer will be able to organize and present evidence to support the victims right to make claims. He could use evidence also to explain why leaving the scene of the collision would be forgivable and understandable.

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