“Less Invasive, More Effective”, Nobody Does It Better Than Dr. Laura Riehm, Fort Worth

Everybody wants to be confident in their skin, and this is one thing that men and women can agree on unanimously. However you don’t often feel that way in your “no makeup” skin, this is where the expertise of Dr. Laura Riehm comes in. She is a passionate and highly qualified doctor who is dedicated to bringing joyous smiles to her fellow residents of Fort Worth; she wants them to be confident in their skin.

Here are some of the expert services that she provides.

  1. Reducing the age spots: Despite how much you try, you cannot deny the fact that having spots that come with age on your face does lower confidence a bit. Some treatments can help you in reducing them and achieving even-toned and rejuvenated skin. Even though these spots are harmless for your health, removing them can boost your confidence immensely.
  1. Lip injections: Trends come and go, thanks to celebrities and social media, enhanced lips have become something that every girl sets her eyes on, and rightly so because they look beautiful. Lip injections are a safe and less invasive way of getting the look that you desire; the best thing is that they are not permanent, so if the trend goes away, so can they.
  1. Chemical peel: If you want brighter and attractive skin, you can go for a chemical peel. It is the perfect pick for you if you have a special occasion like a wedding or maybe prom coming up as it can add a new radiance to your beautiful face and make you ready to be the “talk of the town.”

  2. Acne scars and stretch marks removal: Acne scars, especially when they are on the face, make you feel self-conscious about your looks, and for some, it can even be a reminder of a bad acne breakout. The same is the case with stretch marks because when they are on your body, they take your self-confidence away from you. Both of these can be taken care of by laser treatments.
  3. Tattoo removal: ” Tattoo gone wrong” is not as uncommon as you think, there are many people who have tattoos that they regret. However, they can be removed by laser technique, and you don’t need to adorn something you regret for the rest of your life.

These are not it, there are endless aesthetic services that you can avail at the clinic.

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