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Life Hacks Every Gamer Needs To Know

Gaming has been a subtle underdog for many years until the time came for it to shine. Gaming is becoming less stigmatized and understood over the years, thanks to the new immersive technologies and awareness campaigns. As a gamer, new or experienced, you must have a deeper connection with the newest updates in the gaming world to have as much fun as possible. Occasional gamers can afford to play a few games every now and then while still having fun, but serious gamers have much higher standards for how they play their games. Continuously looking for ways to improve your gaming experience is one of the staples of the gaming community. New gamers are often overwhelmed by the vast possibilities that exist, especially when there are hundreds of great games they have never played before, not to mention the competitiveness of online games. Here are a few hacks to get you a better gaming experience.


Selling Loot and Gold

Since most MMORPGs have an in-game currency that allows players to upgrade and purchase gear, it’s a very critical element in their progress. If you’re an avid player who has been playing games with in-game currency like RuneScape, it may be time to start selling some of your extra gold for cash. But you may need to be a bit careful because the system is designed to detect these transactions and ban accounts who engage in them. As mentioned in this guide for selling RS gold safely, you should take some precautions like checking out trading platforms and avoiding untrusted sources. A lot of people are able to boost their income by simply being good at certain games and then selling their in-game gains to others who need it.


Ergonomic Chair

If there is one major enemy that all gamers have to face, regardless of the game, it’s back pain. A lot of gamers feel as if they’re 60 years old because of the amount of stress and pain their bodies go through when they sit in the wrong position. If your game for hours every day, you know how it feels once you get out of your chair or bed. This kind of pain isn’t just discomforting but it can have long-term detrimental effects on your body. You can stop this creeping back pain by replacing your traditional chair with ergonomic gaming chairs with lumbar support. Gaming chairs will help you maintain long gaming sessions while keeping your spine aligned properly.


TV Optimization

A lot of gamers don’t know the full potential of their TV. Most modern TVs come with a lot of features and optimizations that can really improve the picture you get out of consoles or PCs. Even though you can control the picture coming out of your console directly, if the TV isn’t properly optimized, you’ll be wasting high-quality footage. Your TV may have default settings that add unnecessary processing effects, which could affect your gameplay and even latency. Aside from the unnatural look of the overly processed footage, this extra processing can cause small latency issues with the controller.


Power Cord Protection

If you happen to have pets, your cables are probably quite vulnerable to chewy attacks. It’s not only pets that you have to worry about, but also the constant moving of cables can also get them jumbled in odd locations that put a lot of stress on them. A lot of the cables you use are quite sensitive, which means that you don’t really want anything to happen to them. A popular trick is to use split looming tubing to cover those cords, which will allow you to avoid replacing any expensive cables and avoid getting your pets electrocuted by accident.


Headset Holder

Headsets are not really cheap, yet they can still be easily broken and damaged. When you invest in a gaming headset, the last thing you want is to break or ruin it by mistake. Headset holders come in all shapes and colors, but the most popular ones have a curve for you to place it on. It’s quite easy to create a holder by using a banana holder and a stand. If you’re in the market for a headset, some come with their own suitably holders, so try looking for those first.

Games Headset Holder


Use Your Phone

Gamers are known for their public disdain of mobile gaming, but what many don’t know is that it’s possible to use your phone as an emulator to play classic games. Remember the games that you forgot all about and thought you won’t be able to play them again with newer setups? You can now use your smartphone as an emulator to play games that ran on various older consoles like Gameboy, PS1, and many others.

It may take some time to get rid of bad habits and improve your gaming experience, but you’ll find that the money and time you invest in your gaming setup, accessories, and strategies can transform your gaming sessions. You’d be surprised by how easy it is to resolve the problems that face you while gaming once you put your mind to it.


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