Using Linear Motion Systems and Actuators For Comfortable Sleeping Or Sitting Positions

Our days, particularly those of us who have adopted more sedentary lifestyles, are spent either sitting or lying down in various positions. Being able to use proper support when doing these things is something that can help to prevent many health issues over time, particularly ones that affect your back, legs, joints, and feet. Avoiding problems as we move through life is extremely important since we rely on our bodies as we age.

Sleeping on a bad mattress is something that can do irreversible damage to your spine over time, as can using the wrong pillows. Your neck, shoulders, and back, are all very important to overall health, particularly in later life. Pain in any of them can be a miserable experience, and so should be avoided.

Mattresses, desks, and chairs have all existed for hundreds of years, but the recent changes in technology have meant that they are undergoing changes (mostly involving 12v linear actuators) that will completely change the way we use them. Pain from mattresses and chairs is normally caused by them not being suspended enough – with the inclusion of actuators and motion systems, everyone can find a chair and mattress that works for them, and avoid any pain in the future.

Linear Motion System


Hospitals could have a huge number of reasons for using motion systems in their facilities, ranging from practicality to having some medical usage.

  • Being able to change the height and relative stance of both beds and chairs will allow hospitals to serve patients better, by giving them furniture which is better suited to their needs. Hospitals are stressful and painful enough without adding in the pain and discomfort that can occur from ill-fitting furniture. In some cases, healing is actively helped along by having chairs that are higher than normal (think of hip replacements, for example), so being able to provide these things will be actively beneficial.
  • Having this type of furniture can be helpful for the hospital staff too – being able to change the overall height of beds can mean that staff who are charged with changing the linen will not need to hurt themselves when bending and stretching all the time. Similarly, staff who are using desks and chairs for administrative work can also change their relative heights to suit themselves better, thus saving their necks and backs.
  • Being able to change the heights of furniture can aid in people’s rehabilitation, as was touched on earlier; people with hip replacements can’t bend very well, so having furniture that can be put higher for them immediately after surgery, and then slowly lowered over time as they heal, can be very beneficial.


Home is where we spend most of our leisure time; therefore that time must be as pain-free as possible. There is a lot of furniture in the home that can be improved by the addition of a motion system and linear actuators, which has been proven by the existence and enduring popularity of TV lifts.

  • TV lifts work because they allow people to move the TV to a precise location that suits their particular seating style. They don’t have to crane their neck in any particular way because they can simply move the TV to where they want it to go.
  • Chairs can be fitted with motion systems to help people maintain good posture, especially if they work from home and so use an office chair. Good posture is necessary for maintaining a healthy back and neck, so everybody should take the time to make sure that they have a good chair, which can be adjusted depending on how people are feeling that day.
  • Couches and comfy seats are often left out of these discussions, but they are equally important when it comes to maintaining good overall health in the area of necks and backs as any other piece of furniture. Having linear actuators in them means that you can adjust them to better suit you, and keep you in a relatively good position which still allows you to relax.
  • Beds are particularly suited to linear actuators, as there is a larger surface area that can be fitted with a motion system. This allows people to make beds fit them particularly well, with bits raised and lowered to suit their backs and joints.
Linear Motion System and Actuators


This is only a very minor look at the uses linear actuators can have in creating comfortable sleeping and sitting positions – there is a lot of very useful information out there for anyone who wants to learn more, but hopefully, this article was a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn more.

Overall health is greatly helped by having a back and neck that are fully functional, and life, in general, is something which can be enjoyed much more effectively if there is no pain there to mar your day-to-day experiences of it.

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