Link Baiting and SEO

Link baiting forms an integral part of good SEO. If your content gets links, it means that people are finding value in your site. And that’s exactly what popular search engines like Google reward.

 As a powerful quality link building strategy, link baiting can be used by virtually any website to drive traffic and boost your online presence. Of course, many people consider it to be a black hat technique—a reason why most people tend to ignore its use. However, the truth of the matter is that link baiting is a link building technique—which does come with a twist. In a nutshell, link baiting doesn’t hunt links. It brings quality links to your site with the help of quality content.

Understanding Link Baiting

Link baiting refers to content that’s designed to go viral. The aim is to produce something unique and exciting for viewers to share with their friends. Creating the perfect viral linkbait will compel people to continue sharing and sharing until every online user sees your creation.

Good Link Bait Earns Links

Link bait will earn you quality links. And those links boost domain authority. Greater domain authority generates improved search engine rankings. Just like SEO (search engine optimization), implementing link bait isn’t that easy. You’ll realize that different websites require different link bait strategies.

Over the past few years, link builders have discovered numerous link bait strategies, including new stories, attack articles, humorous stories, incentive stories, as well as debate articles.

Link Bait Is About Links

For SEO purposes, you should be interested in sharing. You want people to write more about your linkbait on their sites, blogs, plus their social media accounts.

While sharing on Facebook or Twitter is a good start, the main goal is to earn permanent various websites and blogs. That’s why tutorials and infographics are extremely popular. Website owners, as well as editors, often link to content that they think is beneficial to their readers.

Before spending so much time and effort on production, try identifying specific sites that can link to your content.

Audience Size

Popularity matters a lot since it creates leverage. Having a greater number of people to text directly improves the opportunity for your content to go viral. If you’ve more followers on Facebook and Twitter, your posts are more likely to go viral on the internet.

 It Takes Time

Link baiting acts as a hook page. Of course, it can take time to bring you quality links. However, the benefits that come with it are real.

The Bottom-Line

Just like fishing, link baiting entails publishing your content and then releasing it to the web. From here, people will read your posts and link back to it. Your article acts as the bait. On the other hand, the links act as the catch. Thus, you need to create proper pages—they will help you capture more quality links. Even more, these links will save you time that you could have used in doing backlinks.

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