Link Building Hacks: Guide to Getting Free Backlinks

One of the best technological marvels of the modern era is search engines, all the information you need about a particular topic is searched within seconds. Backlinks are modern marketing tools designed specifically for websites. When a website redirects you to a new site, it’s mostly done through these backlinks. It’s also a way for Google to rank your website and check the quality of it.

This is the most widely used tactic in SEO writing and one that is now considered a necessity. Usually, a word or sentence that shows these links is called Anchor Text and is placed methodically within the content. You can get help from for SEO services or keep in mind some of the following hacks to make your backlinks:

Understand your Website

Before creating backlinks it’s good to fully understand the content of your website. Know exactly what your website’s goals are, its intended audience, and the way it plans on growing. Follow and see other websites that are similar in content, this would help you understand the requirements of a link related to your website.

Easy to Search

Google is the most powerful search engine in the world, even a partial text from a complete sentence is searched and found. If you want to make free links try making them in a way that they can be easily searched. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it should contain some keywords that are easily recognized by Google’s algorithm.

Research on Links

For creating good backlinks it’s better to first research the internet. Visit websites that have content similar to your page, identify backlinks they have used, and avoid using the same ones for your website. Backlinks are all about making your website come on top, so if old ones are used repeatedly it would not help rank your site higher in search results.

Get Creative

One of the biggest mistakes made when backlinks are created is the writer’s use of cliché words and sentences. Tried and tested doesn’t guarantee success, be a little creative with your links. Making free backlinks can be very easy if a natural tone is used and the placement also looks natural within the content. Make them in a way that the reader is forced to click on them.

Make Contacts

This is the easiest thing to consider while creating free backlinks for your website and a free backlinks list. Any marketing requires contacts and since this is a kind of marketing for your website same rules apply, albeit in a different context. Follow pages, sites, and blogs that are similar to your website, and comment, and post regularly on these forums, they are the best sources for creating new links and keeping up to date with new trends. Moreover, these sites can also help in linking your website with theirs without any charge.


Backlinks are tools for helping businesses grow and find new markets. Linking might seem like a complex science but a little research and creativity can not only help you in creating some excellent links but also free ones as well.

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