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Link-building strategies are critical to website promotion. We’ll not discuss the particulars of getting backlinks. However, we will discuss a more important subject: monitoring links that are already present. It’s easy to keep track of backlinks by hand even if they are just some.

It is time-consuming, laborious, and difficult to create backlinks when you have a large number of them. The solution can help us implement this swiftly and effortlessly, without any cost, and without time commitment. It will notify us if the backlink placed suddenly vanishes.

This is exactly the type of service we’ll be discussing today with you.

Meet Link Box A very useful tool to monitor backlinks. This software is a fantastic method to automate the tracking of backlinks, then index them swiftly and analyze the data statistically. The program has a user-friendly interface that is accessible to SEO professionals as well as companies that want to make the most of the backlink promotion funds.

Let’s briefly talk about the primary “features” We shall go into detail.

  • google indexing checker
  • batch link checker
  • backlink anchor text analyzer
  • simple backlink indexer
  • backlink monitoring tool


Signing up is easy. Just after that, you will receive your first and most pleasant surprise: 100 credits for free, which will allow us to try out the service for free. Do you know what the tiny things are?

So, what do we do?

We enter our email and password to prove that we are humans. After you have confirmed the registration, you’ll receive an email with a link. Visit the website, and verify your registration. You’ll already have 100 welcome credits in your account this is equivalent to 1$.

What could 100 bonus credits be employed for?

Select one of the following options:

  • The parameters checkout of 200 backlinks are available here
  • The indexing checkout of 333 linked pages is available.
  • Check 1000 backlinks
  • Index 100 backlinks

After that, you’ll have to follow the sequence below to get started.

  1. Create projects and manage link campaigns. The number of promoted websites as well as the division of the types of links within each project determines their number.
  2. Import backlinks you’ll need to track into your campaigns.
  3. Google Search Console data import (in the “links tab” click export, get file).
  4. The file can be added to Linkbox to view an image of the daily growth of backlinks.
  5. Files can be imported from the most well-known crawlers, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and others. You can also import files from other crawlers like Semrush, Ahrefs, etc. Only you need to put them into the correct tabs.
  6. Open the tab with the campaigns and look over the links and the indexing. Once you’ve completed that, you will be able to analyze your links using convenient filtering.
  7. link indexer is accessible for sites that aren’t yet being indexed. This is due to different reasons.

Software functions

We’ll now take a deeper at the functions and purpose of this particular tool.

backlinks indexer

A tool that speeds up the indexing of external websites by Google (takes between 1 and 48 hours).

Credits can be saved by selecting links that are not banned from indexing.

backlinks indexer

backlink checker tool

This option allows you to examine backlinks on donor pages including anchors, and attributes. Instantly, you will be informed about the removal of the link or attribute, the unneeded attribute, addition, or replacement anchor text with a naked URL.

This will allow to you effectively manage webmasters and protect your position in search results.

backlink checker tool

link indexing checking tool

It is helpful to determine if the link you are looking for is included in the index. Google algorithms may sometimes exclude an important page from its index.

Our service will assist you to keep up to date with all changes. Besides, there are options to set up automatic link checks and indexing checks on every campaign level by using the Task Planner module.

link indexing checking tool modules

Software functions are constantly improved by the developers. The program has a built-in task scheduler and a useful report module. It also has additional modules to improve project control and ease of use.

Control of intersections between Console and Ahrefs

With this module, you can keep track of both URLs on the Google console as well as those seen by competitors. To take harmful links off your site that have been placed by other websites You can remove them at any point in time. This won’t impact the ranking of your site.

A tool to monitor Tier1 and tier2

It is vital to create multiple levels of backlinks in highly competitive niches. This feature helps you to easily monitor them through one service.

Anchor list module

It allows you to check anchor texts and demonstrates their effect on your site’s rankings. A few filters are available to help you determine this:

  • by the presence of links with anchors that are in the Google index.
  • By crossing with available crawlers
  • Link campaigns
  • By attributes (dofollow, ugc, nofollow.
  • via link type
Anchor list module

In addition, you can find tutorials that explain the implementation of any checkout that the Linkbox can perform.


In short, the Linkbox Pro service does not just simplify the process of building links but also helps to reduce costs on projects. It helps you understand the efficiency of the link-building process and identify what works and what doesn’t. You can also control your budget for backlinks better.

Good luck with the software!

*And don’t forget about the 100 credits for free sign-up.

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