Liquid or Granule Lecithin: Which Do I Need?

Lecithin is a common ingredient in many kitchens used for baking and cooking. From serving as an emulsifier to elongating the shelf life of most products, lecithin has proven to offer many benefits to its users.

You can find lecithin in three main forms that include powder, liquid, and granulated lecithin. People choose the form of lecithin to use depending on their personal needs. For example, when stabilizing emulsions, liquid soy lecithin may work more efficiently than granulated soy lecithin.

If you are in a dilemma about which form of lecithin to go with, this piece will provide you with enough information to enable you to choose the best form of lecithin for your needs.

Forms of Lecithin

As mentioned above, there are three primary forms of lecithin that you can use. These include liquid lecithin, powdered lecithin, and granulated lecithin. You can use all of these forms of lecithin in baking or cooking.

Let’s review these forms of lecithin, and in the end, you can choose which form of lecithin will serve you efficiently.

Granulated Lecithin

Lecithin granules are a combination of powder lecithin and oil. Lecithin granules, like any other firm of lecithin, can be used in cooking and baking. However, due to its nature, using it as an emulsifier is difficult and perhaps daunting.

It can be tiresome, especially if you break down the granules before using them in your cooking or baking. However, granulated lecithin is relatively low on calories, so it is a good and healthy supplement.

Although granulated lecithin is low on calories, it also has a high-fat content. So, if you do not mind the hustle of crushing the granules and using them in your cooking, you can go for the granules.

Powder Lecithin

Powdered lecithin is lecithin that has had all of its moisture removed, and the lecithin is then grounded to powder. It is also referred to as the oil-free form of lecithin because all-natural soybean oil is removed.

Like lecithin granules, you might need to dissolve them before you can use them in cooking or baking. However, powder lecithin dissolves faster and easier than lecithin granules.

Therefore, when using powdered lecithin, you need to be careful because if the lecithin does not completely dissolve, it will form an unpleasant texture.

In addition, powdered lecithin also does not have any color as in the case of liquid lecithin. Powdered lecithin, much like granulated lecithin, is said to be low on calories, with a tablespoon serving having only 50 calories.

Powdered lecithin is also considered to be very low on fat, and it is one of the major reasons why most health-conscious people will choose to work with powdered lecithin more than the liquid lecithin.

Some people will also choose powdered lecithin because it is easier to clean the spills than other forms of lecithin.

For example, liquid lecithin contains a little oil which makes it difficult to clean up. On the other hand, when lecithin granules spill, you will have to pick them one after the other, making it difficult to clean the granulated lecithin.

Liquid Lecithin

This form of lecithin has a near yellow or brown color. You can take it to be motor oil when in a transparent glass, but the consistency is obviously different. This form of lecithin also has a very faint taste and does not have any odor.

As mentioned, liquid lecithin is a little hard to clean up if you have made a mess. The lecithin is a bit runny like honey, but it is messier than honey. In addition, it tends to stick to surfaces, thus making it difficult to clean up.

Obviously, liquid lecithin does not need to be dissolved like powdered lecithin or granulated lecithin. However, one thing about using liquid lecithin is the color of the finished product, but this is not something to worry about as you will only use small amounts of liquid lecithin.

How to Use Lecithin: Granulated Lecithin VS. Liquid Lecithin

As we have severally stated, the choice you make out of these two will depend on your preference and what exactly you’re making.

However, you must know that both of these forms of lecithin have health benefits that you can find on any form of lecithin.

The only difference here is that if you are looking to have some health benefits of fat, then powdered lecithin may not give it to you. This is because powdered lecithin does not have a high-fat content to it. 

When making chocolate confectioneries, you will need an ingredient that will completely emulsify the fat and prevent it from separating from the chocolate.

The best ingredient, in this case, is the liquid lecithin because it has oil, and therefore it will help emulsify the fat into the chocolate.

Powdered lecithin may not completely emulsify fat into the chocolate, so liquid lecithin may be a good choice in the case of chocolate making.

If you are not looking into the health benefits of any form of lecithin, you might be looking at the behavior of lecithin in the kitchen.

Granulated lecithin may be a better option if you are looking for lecithin that will not add up to your cleaning work. Liquid lecithin is a bit messy and can easily get stuck on surfaces.

Cleaning liquid lecithin from surfaces, therefore, would be difficult. 

What if you are using lecithin as a dough conditioner? There are several liquid ingredients involved when making dough, so granulated lecithin would work out when mixing dough.

Just add half or one teaspoon of lecithin granules to the liquid ingredients and let it dissolve. After dissolving, you can go ahead and mix the dough as usual.

Bottom Line

Whether you choose liquid or lecithin granules, you must be sure to source only the best and most genuine lecithin. So first, ensure that you purchase any form of lecithin in bulk from reliable sources such asĀ National lecithin. Lecithin manufacturers are mushrooming all over the food industry to answer to the needs of lecithin. Therefore, finding a suitable manufacturer might be difficult. However, a rule of thumb when choosing a manufacturer is to choose an experienced company.

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