List Of Career Opportunities In The Field Of Security

Everyone would love to have a steady income source during the global economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While most industries seem to promise you this luxury, the security industry offers more. Apart from a regular paycheck, it provides you the opportunity of helping other people. Moreover, you may also find security jobs a bit more exciting as compared to typical desk jobs.

Security breaches and acts of terrorism worldwide call for security measures to minimize the risk of unfortunate incidents. Many countries have taken the initiative to motivate their people to make a career in security. If you’re already halfway through your learning phase, here is a list of security jobs that promise good fortune.

Information Security Analyst

With the advent of innovative technology, the world is becoming a global village. People separated by vast geographical distances can easily communicate with one another through digital means. But such digital gateways do require a sound monitoring mechanism exceptionally, in a professional setting.

Confidential information might be at the risk of uncontrolled dissemination or those who seek to acquire it unethically. To eliminate this risk, firms hire information security analysts to protect the firm’s valuable information from leaking. Most importantly, the prospects for this job also seem pretty promising. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts considerable growth in the upcoming decade for this field paired with a competitive market salary.

Cyber Crime Investigator

Recently, there has been a growing concern about the need for cybersecurity. With the rising toll of cyber-attacks and other terrorist events, multiple governments have set forth preventive measures. The United States of America inaugurated the Department of Homeland Security to counter security breaches and cyber-attacks. But what is homeland security, and how does it protect the national assets from foreign intruders?

Homeland Security is a U.S federal executive department that is accountable for municipal safety. Founded in 2002, the DHS plays an active role in counterterrorism, cyber-security, and vital infrastructure protection. The DHS comprises multiple agents who are responsible for mitigating numerous security concerns. Out of those, cybercrime investigators hold the key.

Cyber-crime investigators examine systems and networks that are at risk of a security breach. These individuals monitor and gather traces of such activity to minimize imminent threats. Although the job itself requires keen observation yet, it is pretty rewarding. According to some reports, cybercrime investigators are among some of the highest-paid security jobs in the U.S.

Network Security Engineers

Every organization that seeks to maximize its security would require network security engineers. These engineers play an essential role in safeguarding the assets and critical information of an organization. Although the bulk of their duties consists of maintaining a firm’s server architecture, they perform other essential tasks. These include the assessment of network security requirements, installation of security hardware, and rectifying network problems.

Most importantly, network security engineers are well-paid for their services. According to several reports, network security engineers’ demand and pay scales are on a constant rise since 2010.

Chief Information Security Officer

If you get driven by the thought of managing security measures at an organization, consider a chief information security officer’s role. These individuals not only assess and contain security measures but also ensure their effective implementation. Chief Information Security Officer jobs are quite popular among individuals who seek a career in security.

Apart from developing the firm’s security policies, this security job promises status and attractive salary packages. As a chief information security officer at an organization, you can expect to earn a whopping $140,000 annually.

Security Analyst

Maintaining the reliability and security of data is critical for any organization. It is one reason why most organizations seek to hire competent security analysts. Security analysts are responsible for ensuring the integrity and safety of an organization’s valuable data. They analyze the security measures and methods deployed by the firm and how well these measures respond. As a security analyst, your responsibility would also include assessing the efficacy of various security measures.

The security analyst job appears quite interesting, yet it offers much more than that. A security analyst can expect an average annual income of $85,000, placing it among the highest-paid security jobs. Moreover, this field also promises to reach a 25% job growth in the upcoming decade.

Malware Analyst

While connected digitally in an organization, there always exists a threat of information leaks or malicious software corrupting the database. To cater to such security threats, organizations look forward to malware analysts whose job is to identify and analyze malware intrusion risks. The most common malware threat faced by organizations includes DDOS attacks and viruses.

As a malware analyst, you are to identify the potential threat and the level of threat it poses. Understanding how the malware works and the danger it poses is not an easy task by any means. That is why malware analysts are well-compensated for their services. According to some reports, malware analysts can earn up to $100,000 per year!


Eliminating security threats stands as a food-for-thought for many organizations of the modern era. While the toll of security breaches is on the rise, their solution is in our hands. Opting for a career in the field of security is more than just earning good money. It’s about serving others and eliminating the security risks at hand. Suppose you want to join hands against such threats. In that case, the listed security fields offer you the perfect opportunity to ensure a better tomorrow.

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