Listen to Music Legally With These Top 10 Music Download Sites

Music was once only available in record stores and at live concerts. Owning copies of albums and songs from your favorite artist was in the form of cassette tapes. In the 1980s, the MP3 music compression file format became popular and remains to this day.

The internet made it easy to access various resources, including music. Music piracy became rampant, crushing music industry profits. But the creation of streaming platforms like Pandora for Business has allowed users to enjoy music legally and conveniently.

In this article, we give you some great music download sites. Looking to add new songs to your playlists? Build your music collection with these free music download websites.

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most popular music streaming platforms on the internet. It serves as an alternative to Spotify, allowing you to stream and download music without paying. You may find a lot of content from independent artists and musicians.

You may find music by typing an artist’s name into the website’s search bar. You may also input artist tags to find more music. If a creator enabled the download option, you may hit the Free Download button below a soundtrack to add it to your device.

2. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music uses a Creative Commons license to protect its music content. Users may safely download music content from the website. Jamendo Music offers tracks from independent creators.

If you’re looking for something fresh and new, Jamendo Music is the best music download website for it. Jamendo keeps regular updates on its radio stations and playlists. You may also find music here for films or commercials.

3. Audiomack

Audiomack is a great alternative to SoundCloud. It offers an easy-to-use and friendly interface. Audiomack categorizes its music through Trending, Top Songs, and Top Albums.

Most trending music genres include electronic, reggae, and hip hop. Not all songs on Audiomack are available for free download. But many artists on Audiomack allow free downloads for remixed music.

Audiomack allows users to stream unlimited music from any device. You may listen to music from your desktop or through your iOS or Android phone. Learn how to connect BlueTooth headphones to Mac.

4. BeatStars

BeatStars is another great music download and streaming website. Users can sort their music list by Trending, Top Selling, and Latest. BeatStars allows users to find music by genre and mood, like lazy, inspiring, and mellow.

With BeatStars, you can search for music by song type. Use BeatStars’s filter to search for music by beats, vocals, song references, and more. Before getting a free download link, users must first subscribe to the artist’s page or YouTube channel.

5. Spinrilla

Spinrilla is one of the best music download websites for hip-hop mixtapes. You can find music in Spinrilla by entering a mixtape name, single, or chart. If you’re looking for new trending music, you can find the most popular mixtapes on Spinrilla.

Spinrilla makes it easy for new users to navigate their websites. Spinrilla allows users to download whole albums or individual songs. You may download music on Spinrilla from their website or through the mobile iOS or Android app.

6. YouTube

YouTube is more popular for its video content. But YouTube also offers a wide library of music selections. YouTube is one of the best places to stream music for free, but downloading may be difficult due to copyright.

To download music from YouTube, users may filter their search results. Using the Creative Commons filter allows users to find and confirm legal downloads. If a legal video doesn’t have a download link, you can still download it with a Youtube to MP3 converter.

7. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive or FMA was first introduced in 2009. Through FMA, creators can find royalty-free music for their projects. Free Music Archive makes free music available for personal use.

To use music for commercial use, users may need to license some tracks. Browse music on FMA with their preset categories. You may also find music according to a specific theme or mood from music creators all over the world.

8. Amazon Music Store

Most people know Amazon as one of the biggest online retailers in the world. But many users may not know that Amazon offers free music downloads from their website and app. The Amazon Music Store offers at least 46,000 free songs.

On the Amazon Music Store, you may find music according to different genres. Find new music under Alternative Rock, Blues, Broadway, and more! Amazon offers easy-to-download songs in its growing music library.

9. is a free internet radio service that mimics your local radio stations. allows users to download some of their music for free. collects user data from different media players and music streaming websites.

This data enables the to create a customized profile for their users depending on their listening habits. You may find free music on the under almost any genre. You can find songs by category, new releases, or coming soon.

10. Reverb Nation

Reverb Nation is a great website for discovering new music and artists. Reverb Nation is also a great platform for aspiring musicians and artists. Famous bands like Imagine Dragons and The Civil Wars first started on Reverb Nation.

Reverb Nation features a wide variety of songs from musicians all over the world. Reverb Nations currently supports at least 3.5 million artists from 100 countries. You can find almost any music genre here, including hip hop, folk, pop, and more.

Listen to Music Legally With These Top 10 Music Download Sites

Looking to build your music collection and find new and unique songs? Try these 10 music download websites to find and download great songs for your playlist. Support your independent artists with these free and legal music streaming and download websites.

Thank you for checking out this list. Leave us a comment and tell us which music download site was your favorite. Don’t stop here, however, and continue to check out our other blog posts for more informative lists like this one!

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