Little-Known Instagram SEO Techniques For Increasing Reach

There are several people ready to advise you regarding online content creation. However, not everything works, and not everything falls under fair practice. There are several strategies that you might not know of that work well and reap benefits. To inquire about these techniques in detail, you can speak to any Adelaide web designer. Our focus today is on some SEO techniques that will help you grow your online presence. These techniques are lesser-known and highly fruitful. So let’s get started!

Setup Your Profile For Maximum User Experience

Although our goal is to increase our reach, focusing on that alone is not enough. Our growth should be sustainable over a long period. To achieve this, we need a structure that allows for the best user experience. This way, new followers will stick with your page rather than unfollowing. Some ways to make your profile more user-friendly are:

·   Choose to make it a public business account.

·   Create an attractive, bright, and brand-centric display image.

·   Think up a username that’s catchy and easily recognized.

·   Your business must have a name that sticks with the people.

·   Consider dropping a link in your description.

Playing With Your Primary Keyword

Your keywords are the highway towards enhanced engagement. Hence one must use them wisely. Two very strategic locations for your primary keyword are the username and the display name of the profile. Instagram has a very effective search algorithm, and people are browsing on it all day. You aim to work within the app to ensure maximum reach.

You can appoint any Adelaide web designer to guide you with the implementation of these techniques. You should research the most-searched strings of your industry and focus on using them on your profile. This input will make you more visible under the search bar.

Handling Of The Secondary Keywords

Your SEO research will let you into the keywords that are most beneficial for you. Once you figure this out, you will categorize them into primary and secondary. We already spoke about the placement of the main keywords. However, the secondary ones are also equally effective.

You must place these in abundant numbers in your bio. These phrases and bits of text are highly relevant to your brand. Using them strategically will attract several viewers and followers.

Working With Hashtags

Hashtags are a crucial part of our social media growth plan. Hashtags can influentially impact the reach of any post or reel on your page. You must put in optimal work to figure out the hashtags for each of your content pieces. One way is to include secondary keywords in your hashtags. Your Adelaide web designer will help you with deciding which phrases fit best with your post. The more catchy and popular your hashtags, the more trending your post will be.

Apply SEO Strategies On Images

Instagram is a museum of images. In such a massive lot, what will be your strategy to stand out? Your aim here should be to implement tried and tested techniques to streamline your audience and form a dedicated following. There are two excellent tips for achieving this:

·   Make it a point to construct a caption that contains keywords.

·   Use the power of alt text.

As for the caption, an effective one will help you garner people’s interest and also impact your reach through search results. The method is to learn to be creative with keywords.

Coming to the alt text, it is a powerful tool that many people overlook. You will find it under the Advanced Settings tab while sharing a post. This assigned area allows you to describe your photo using brief phrases. Make it a point to include keywords here.


We all want our social media pages to work well. However, we should always look for organic and legal ways to grow our audience. We must keep away from black hat methods and practice integrity. We hope the techniques we shared will help you enhance your follower count.

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