Live Peacefully: 5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Pests continue to bother almost every homeowner living on this planet today because they sneak into our homes despite our most exhaustive prevention strategies. There are various types of pests and the severity of the havoc each of them can cause also varies across species. One of the most common reasons we fail to eliminate pests from our homes is that we try to eliminate all of them by similar methods.

There are some mild pests like ants that can be dealt with easily, and some homeowners do not even get bothered by their presence. On the other hand, there are some pests like bed bugs that can wreak havoc in your home because they are biologically programmed to turn your life upside down. Therefore, we have discussed here five effective ways to get rid of bed bugs so that it gets easier for you to eliminate them. But, be aware that if you fail to eliminate them yourself, you have ample reasons to call professional help like Phoenix pest control to deal with these dangerous pests.

1- Identify the infested areas

Before starting your quest to get rid of bed bugs, the first thing you must do is identify the infested area. Therefore, search your home for places where bed bugs can be found, starting with your mattress. Examine carefully the spaces between the mattresses because bed bugs tend to hide in such tiny cracks and crevices. Do not forget to check the furniture as well because their cushions and seat covers are also the prime hiding places for bed bugs.

2- Seal the infested area

Bed bugs love to travel and they can cause considerable mayhem by infiltrating every nook and crevice of your home in no time. Therefore, once you have identified all the infested areas and objects in your home, it will be commonsensical to seal these areas and objects with plastic wraps so that the bed bugs do not expand their territory.

3- Vacuum the whole house

There might be some infestations that you have missed during the hunt, so you must also address that human error by vacuuming the whole house. Put extra emphasis on the narrow gaps and crevices in your home because bed bugs prefer to hide in dark lonely places where they can peacefully think about their devious plans. Once you vacuum all of the potential hiding places in your home, get rid of the collection bag for good so that the collected bed bugs do not sneak into your home again.

4- Treat the infested items

As for the washables like bedding and curtains, you can simply put them in the washing machine and let them run in a hot washing cycle for at least 45 minutes. The idea behind this activity is that bed bugs are unable to withstand high heat environments and die if exposed to such environments. But, you cannot wash some infested items, but they can also be treated by exploiting the previously mentioned weakness of bed bugs.

For example, you cannot wash your furniture but you can take it outdoors in sunlight and let it bathe in the heat for the whole day. Bed bugs will die because they cannot withstand the intense ultraviolet radiations being radiated from the sun. Moreover, you can also put some small infested items in the freezer, and the bed bugs will be frozen to death because they are equally vulnerable to an extremely cold environment as they are to an incredibly hot environment.

5- Use natural or synthetic compounds

There exist many natural compounds like tea tree oil and baking soda that have antimicrobial properties and can be applied to the potential hiding spots of the bed bugs. There are also some synthetic compounds like bug bombs which can also be used to exterminate bed bugs.

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