Locksmith Tools DIY Material Recommendation: How to Make a Lock Pick Tool

No matter how the shape of the lock body and the mechanism inside the lock body are not the same, the main role of the unlocking principle is the lock center, the pin, and the spring. When the pinhole of the lock body coincides with the pinhole of the lock heart, the spring in the pinhole of the lock body plays the role of elasticity, and the pin in the pinhole of the lock body is pushed up.

The pin in the pinhole of the lock body is pushed into the pinhole of the lock center. The existing pins in the pinhole are jacked up at the same time. So, when you lose your keys, you just need to grasp the principle of the lock and DIY lock picking kit.

Because there is a long convex bar stuck in the keyhole of the lock center, blocking the pinhole in the lock center, so that the pin is not pushed out of the pinhole, take off. When the manufacturer produces the lock, calculate the pin length and the lock core pinhole depth. Generally, it must be the sum of the length of the two marbles in the lock body pinhole and the lock core pinhole is greater than the length of the lock core pinhole depth plus the lock core pin hole to the long convex bar.

The length of the pin in the pinhole must be greater than 1/3 of the length from the pinhole to the long convex bar. In this way, the pin hole in the lock pinhole has a long convex bar stuck and not top out of the pin hole, the lock body pin hole under the action of the spring is part of the length of the pin hole into the lock pin hole. When the pin in the pin hole of the lock body is stuck into the pin hole of the lock center, that is, the lock center is stuck, which is equivalent to the round object, so that the round object cannot rotate at will. At this point, the lock is in the locked state, which is usually said: as “locked”.

However, in the key into the lock heart after the keyhole, the teeth on the key slot billiard down within the lock heart marbles are compressed, billiard ball hole just locks heart all over, pressing the other side of the lock core billiard hole orifice, billiard orifice (lock heart and lock body billiard orifice interface), then the lock body all billiard ball hole due to locked heart billiard hole marbles into effect, Also all are pressed flat lock pin.

Lock Pick Tool DIY Material

1. Steel sheet type of materials, usable grinder rough processing with fine processing, and then water sandpaper rubbing light, that is good-looking and easy to use.

2. Steel wire materials can be knocked flat by hand hammers and then processed into hooks. It is best to install a handle on the hook made of steel wire materials to facilitate the control of the direction of the hook. You can directly bend the other end of the hook into a handle you like. You can also use an old toothbrush handle made of plexiglass or plastic, or a strong old pen or ballpoint pen holder to make the hook handle.

For materials without holes, a drill bit can be used to drill a hole in the shaft slightly smaller than the diameter of the hook. Add the hook to the vise, insert the handle of the drilled hole into the small hole of the hook, and knock the handle with a tool until the hook is in place. To secure the hook to the handle, apply some glue to the hook insertion end.

3. The best way to make hooks is cold processing, which can keep the rigidity of raw materials. If the use of hot processing, the processing is easy, but the heat treatment is not easy to master. Hooks are usually either soft or brittle and easily bent or broken.

4. Use 12mm steel wire, the length is about 94mm, leave 17mm at both ends, and bend each end to about 60°, after hammering, the Angle becomes larger, and can reach about 80°. Also, do not stick to these sizes, can be flexibly mastered according to the keyhole, for example, the thickness of the car needs to be large, so the steel wire needs to be thicker, and some anti-theft door cross locks outside the cover need another rod hook end than 17mm long, about 25mm.

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