The London Dungeon: Not for the Faint of Heart

When on a trip to London, popular stops include a visit to the Houses of Parliament, the London Tower Bridge, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. These attractions are all considered must-visits, but if you would like to take a small step away from the “traditional,” history of London, you are encouraged to step inside the London Dungeon.

Although occasionally classified as a museum, there is much more to this popular attraction. In a way, it serves as a museum, theater, haunted house, and small amusement park. Those are interesting combinations, which is why the London Dungeon is considered a must-visit. However, due to the nature of this attraction, this is not the best stop for those on a family vacation.

The London Dungeon is located at 28 Tooley Street. As soon as you step to enter the dungeon, which is located in a cellar beneath the London Bridge, you will know what awaits you.

In the stocks at the London Dungeon


Speaking of the nature of the London Dungeon, it highlights the darker side of London. This is a side of London that many are unfamiliar with. Just a few of the events you will find highlighted here include torture, the plague, the Great Fire of London, and the chilling true tales of Jack the Ripper and Sweeny Todd.

As for how these events are shared with you, multiple methods are used. These methods include the use of live actors, films, two fearful rides, and special effects. As previously stated, this attraction is best for adults. The London Dungeon feels that the best way to experience the darker side of London is to experience the fear that residents felt at the time.

One of the rides available at the London Dungeon is the Extremis, also known as “The Drop Ride to Doom.” Right out of a horror novel, a hooded hangman will guide you to your seat on the right. You will not have much time for fearful anticipation, as the trap door on the floor will give away. You will then quickly drop to nothing but darkness below.


The other ride found at the London Dungeon is that of the Boat Ride to Hell. This ride plays on your darkest fears; however, the operators of the London Dungeon claim there is no better and fun way to face your fears. Once you hop on the boat, you will be led through rough, descending, and murky waters. Total darkness and scary characters along the way will leave you with a mix of excitement and fear.

When on a visit to the London Dungeon, you will wander through the London Dungeon in a tour-like format. Tours tend to last an hour to an hour and a half. Although very scary and true to many instances of life in London, this attraction is coming highly rated and recommended. If you too like the experience, you must pay another admission fee and retake the tour to enjoy the rides again.


As for why a visit to the London Dungeon is recommended, you will not find anything else like it in London. The experience is one that you will remember forever. The quality of the rides and shows are high. In fact, the London Dungeon has won the Best Unusual Venue award for some years now. So, they must be doing something right; fearful but right.

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